Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad you guys had a fun trip, it sounds like it was a blast! I have to admit, I'm a little bit jealous of the warmth, but that's alright ;) We woke up this morning at 5:30, and ran in a blizzard! It wasn't super bad, we could see, but it was cold windy and snowing! Haha we felt super legit ;) It was good fun though. I don't remember if I mentioned last week, but I am the designated driver here, and we have gotten lots of snow in the past week, I am very  grateful that I know how to drive in snow! Apparently lots of missionaries don't know how, and there have been lots of accidents. Don't worry, I just drive like a grandma (a smart grandma) and we are just fine! California sounds like it was fun though...we will have to go when I get home so I can play his organ! I'm glad the kids had fun, and yes, I would love pictures! Thanks so much for the package! The jam is sooooosoooosooo good! I haven't tried the duck jerky, but I will soon! And I hung Kaycee's picture on my wall by my desk ;)
Oh, and could you send me a copy of my medical insurance card? Thanks :)
I love that you mentioned that we need to live joyfully. If you have time, look up the talk a word to the hesitant missionary by President Uchdorft. (sorry if that's the wrong spelling!) It is so good, and says just that. Our example is such a powerful tool! It is something I didn't realize until I got out here and began hearing so many people's conversion stories. Most people saw someone living the way they should, and were receptive when the missionaries did knock on their door. Right now we are teaching a man who let us in because he has an uncle who is a member, and he really looks up to him. He is doing so well! He is reading the book of mormon, and doing everything he should. And the other thought about how all is not well in zion is sooooooo true. It is sad how many youth leave the church. I wish everyone could go on a mission and see the huge impact the gospel really does have in lives. It is not restricting at all, it sets us free. It gives us joy we can find no where else. Through the Atonement we can truly find hope and peace. This world is a crazy crazy place and the gospel will bring us peace that can be found no where else. I could talk about that forever. It seriously brings us so much happiness!
Anywho, I love Austin! It is just getting better and better. My companion and I have way too much fun! Haha, we really do laugh so much, but are working so hard, don't worry! We had a baptism two days ago, and have another one this saturday! It was so good. The brother we taught is from Vietnam, and his friend who is also from Vietnam is getting baptized on saturday. One of them doesn't speak English at all, so it has been an interesting experience teaching him. It is another testament to me that the Spirit is the true teacher. I just have to open my mouth, and the Spirit will testify of my words. It has been such a miracle to be able to communicate with them, I don't even know how it is possible, but it works out somehow. It is crazy here, we teach all day long! It is so wonderful, but so different from St. Cloud. It is a good chance for me to improve my teaching skills though! We have had some super spiritual lessons in part I think because we have to rely on the Spirit so much when we are teaching people who don't understand English well. We were able to commit another brother to baptism, so now we have three coming up in the next few weeks! Crazy, but so wonderful. The work is truly hastening!

 Oh, and I did have SPAM this morning for breakfast at our friend SIster Olsens house....it was.....not too bad. Haha and we are going to the SPAM museum today after we email, which should be quite exciting! Haha I hope all is going well at home, and that it is still standing when you arrive! I hope you all have a wonderful week full of moments of laughter, and missionary work! ;) Seriously though, have fun! I miss you all, and love you lots!
Sister Christina Trickler

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