Monday, January 26, 2015

HOLY CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so so so so so so so excited to hear that Serious was able to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received a phone call this past friday from Sister Amis relaying the wonderful news! I did a little dance right there in the apartment! She is so ready :) So good, so fine!!!!!!!! Oh man, I'm just so happy thinking about it! And thank you Sister Register for confirming the rumors! If only Austin was closer, I'm sure I could think of a reason to visit ;) Oh well, I guess we will just have to wait three months!
Holy Moly, that is quite a crazy week! I am glad that everything turned out well in the end though. And I'm glad that Jackie's meet went well. I will be glad when Swimming is over for her. It's rather stressful. But such a great experience I hope. Speaking of Swimming, I have had the strangest thing happen throughout my mission. At least 4 nights a week, I have dreams about swimming! How crazy weird is that? I guess It is just telling me that I need to get back into swimming shape when I get home! It is bizarre. Happy Birthday to Dad! I hope it is a great one!! And that is fun that you went to hardware ranch! I think something that I have seen on my mission is the importance of family time. This world is getting crazier and crazier, and if we don't have good family relationships, it can be a hard thing! Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This past monday we were invited to dinner with a family in the ward. We had a great dinner, then after they asked if  we could stay for a little bit. Our appointment had just canceled on us, so we said yes! We moved to the living room, and their 5 or 6 year old daughter proceeded to direct family home evening. It lasted about 10 minutes, then we colored and played a game, but it was so great! I was reminded that often times it is the simplest things that make the most difference! Also, Can I at least pick the picture if my portrait is being done? ;)
This January has been wonderful here in Minnesota, not going to lie quite different from last year. Sister Pead and I are both sort of dreading the end of January because that means she has about 2 weeks left......say what?! It's good though, warm weather, people to teach, and miracles happening! Not to mention good music on LDS.ORG! Check it out. :) Haha and Dad was doing indexing? Good for him!
So cool story of the week. We are teaching a 20 year old sister, and have been teaching her since before I got here. Lately she hasn't been keeping commitments very well, so we "put her on the backburner" for  the past few weeks. Well last Wednesday, we got a phone call for her asking if we could meet. We set up an appointment for Friday evening at 7:00. Friday rolls around and we got a phonecall from none other than Sister Amis, and Sister Chapman, who are serving in Dinkeytown (The Twin City YSA ward). Sister Amis updated me on Serious, and they invited us to bring our friend to a party they were having Friday at 7. We called her, and she agreed to come. We went with her, and she had a great time! So much fun that she didn't want to go home! This is the girl that has refused to come to church for the past 3 months. We talked to her Sunday afternoon, and she wants to come with us to FHE tonight, and to church on Sunday down in Dinkeytown!! How great is that! It was a great miracle. Not only that she had such a good time, but the timing of the Sisters calling us and inviting us! I heard a comment in church yesterday saying how there was no such thing as coincidences, this is true! We have a Father who loves us, and wants us to be happy. He will give us tender mercies, if only we will recognize them :)
Another thought from church yesterday. The Savior is the true source of Hope. This world needs a lot more hope. When we have hope we see the bright side, the miracles all around us. So....pray for hope! And do things like listen to good music, and have good conversations, it helps a lot. :)
I love you all, and hope you have a lovely week!!!

 **letter from last week, sometimes I am a bit slow :)
Haha did you not get the email last monday saying that we wouldn't be emailing on Monday this week? We had interviews with president yesterday, so p-day was moved today. Don't worry...I passed! It wasn't even the worst one I have had out here ;) Winter has been so so weird, I almost don't feel okay with it, then I remember frost bite, and rejoice in the mild winter! The past week we have only worn our heavy coats once! Isn't that crazy?! Granted we are inside lots more than last winter, but still! Sunday was a beautiful day! Sunshine, mid 30's...we may have done a dance with our friends that we picked up for church. Don't worry, they are teenage girls! On that note, the oldest one who is 18 gave Sister Pead and I some profound advice this week! She just got asked out by a boy. We had to know all the details of course, and she said "He's a good boy, no sag (AKA: he knows how to use a belt), no alcohol, no smoking." Later Sis. Pead and I decided to add two things to that list of things that make up a classy boy. No checking out Sister Missionaries, and clean language! There you go, profound life advice from two sisters, and our friend! 
I'm glad my dog's being taken care of! Hair cuts are good, I got one this past week, and she got rid of a few inches of dead. I'm excited to chop it again soon! My finger is good, it has healed quite a bit, thank heavens! I played the piano quite a few times this past week, it was good to make my mind think, and my fingers stretch so I didn't have to use that finger! I have not gotten your letter, hopefully today? And Hello to Brother Phillips too! I was thinking the other day, isn't Hannah home? Crazy stuffs!
I am glad that Brennen's farewell went well, the best of luck to him! He is  going to do great I'm sure. And that is crazy that the Newey's are moving!
 Oh ice fishing,  fun fun! Not going to lie, I am very excited to come back here in the winter and go to any city park and ice skate in the winter! It is going to be delightful :)
I don't need any vitamins, though don't worry, I am taking them! If you could send me some Mascara though, I would greatly appreciate them....lately I look like a zombie with out makeup due to the lack of sleep, so yes. :) Haha Sister Pead and I have the best Valentines day ever planned.....two baptisms!!!!!!! We are super excited for the sisters that have decided on that day for baptism. They are two awesome teenage sisters from Sierra Leone. We are going to have that, and maybe go get some ice cream...according to Sister Pead, Ben and Jerry are the only two men we need in our lives!
This week we had a neat experience. We went to visit a less-active sister who we haven't seen in over a month due to some health problems, and our schedule getting crazy. Last time we saw her, she was very nice, but not comfortable talking about religion or anthing with us. This time, we walked in and could immediately see a difference in her. We began talking, and she brought up the topic of prayer. She told us how she has been praying a lot lately, and how that has made her so much happier. We realized that is what the change was that we saw in her. She was coming closer to the Savior, and realizing all that He does for us. It is amazing the the simple things like reading the scriptures and praying sincerely can make us so much happier! And Heavenly Father does want us to be happy, afterall "Men are that they might have joy" That is the purpose of our existence, to have true joy. :) 
Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!
Sister Christina Trickler.
p.s. check out the new music on It is super great!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello! It's good to hear from you! Man, it sounds like it has been a medical week for our family! On this end, I managed to mash my finger in the door! Don't worry, it wasn't near as bad as when you damaged your finger a couple of years ago, but I definitely have more empathy for what you went through!! Luckily it isn't bad enough that I had to go to the doctor or anything, I just have some beautiful bruising ;) 
Anyways, back to your letter....yes we will be together for the next 5 weeks. It does have some interesting challenges. I think dad said it best....we are a very dynamic companionship. We are both very dynamic individuals, and sometimes that is very good, and sometimes very.....interesting ;) It is good though, I think that I am learning lessons that I haven't had to learn with any of my other companions! And don't worry about finding me a of the sisters in our apartment who just got transferred, left a navy blue one that I have claimed. It is a little big, but will last me until I can come find one of my own!
I am sorry that you had a migraine, those are the worst! Yes, I am with you, I swear we are given things like that to keep us humble. After all, we can't be doing too good ;) And good for you to let the kids invite friends over. It is so important for kids to be able to be social, I will vouch for that one! It is funny, I think one of the hardest skills for a lot of missionaries to develop is social skills! It is hard to talk to people who you have never met before, of all backgrounds, ages, and attitudes! Also, I have a theory....people who are more social ( we're talking face to face communication here) are more happy. So...try to make another friend! Except you mom, I think you have your plate full as it is ;) 
I like your quote of the week. Related to that, I learned once again how hard it is for me to rely on other people....With my finger struggling, I had to ask for help with the simplest things sometimes. I couldn't do my hair a couple of days, I even had to ask for help opening my water bottle. Oh China!!! Those who I asked were  for the most part very willing to help me, it was just sort of hard to ask. I think that sometimes we have a similar relationship with our Heavenly Father. He is always there, and he wants to help us, we just need to ask Him! When we put Him first and really listen to him, everything does fall into place, or out of our lives. I know that sometimes I tend to put my doubts and concerns first....rather backwards when I think of it! Oh man, good luck to Brennan! He is going to do great, I am sure :)  In spite of all the struggles that we may encounter, the mission is really an incredible experience, looking back, i've learned so much....and I still have a while left! :)
A couple of days ago, me and my companion had an interesting conversation. We were talking about being happy and such....sort of a random conversation, then it turned to the gospel. We were talking about how people who have never heard of the gospel learn about it, then they are so much happier than they were before. They didn't usually know that they were missing something, but once they have the gospel they realized how much happier they are! If they lose sight of the gospel either before or after baptism, they lose that happiness once again. Moral of the story, don't hesitate to share some of the happiness you have with others....they probably don't even realize what they are missing. If nothing else, I know that coming closer to our Savior Jesus Christ gives us happiness, and peace! It is a great thing, let's share it :) 
Thank you so much for the letters this week, they were greatly appreciated!! Haha I really loved my green hair in Kaycee's picture ;) 
Have a wonderful week, I love you all....and miss you!!!
Sister Christina Trickler
Expect Miracles :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello! It's good to hear from you again! I can't believe another week is over already! It has been a really crazy one, but good it has just flown by! Oh, and we just got transfer news. Sister Pead and I are still staying here in Shingle Creek, meaning that I will be the one to send her home in six weeks! Craziness. Also, before I respond to your letter....there was a tragedy in the Shingle Creek Apartment this past week. Approximately 7 years ago...maybe longer, I went shopping one day to good old Old Navy. There I found a lovely black cardigan which I have been wearing quite frequently since that day! It has lasted me through a lot, a couple of family pictures, multiple embarrassing moments, really long talks in church, -50 degree weather, you name it. Fast forward to about two months ago. We were having a missionary meeting in Andover, and I was writing something on the chalk board. One of the Elders pointed out that I had chalk on my elbow. I looked, and unfortunately it was not chalk. My sweater had become rather threadbare.....and you could nearly see my white shirt through my black cardigan. And then this past week. I put on my favorite black cardigan, and sat down to study. After personal study, my lovely companion pointed out that I had a hole in my elbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a rather traumatic experience. Unfortunately I have already fixed that cardigan 3 times, I don't think it would hold up going under the knife one more time. We may have a funeral later this week if time permits, I will let you know how that goes. ;)
Anyways, that is the drama of the week.
11:00 is a great time for church, we just switched to 1:00, which is not my favorite personally, but it is fantastic as a missionary because it allows us to have time to get people to church. This week we were able to teach a lesson, have a meeting and stop by 4 or 5 friends, all before church! It was great :) Good luck with the ipad.....I have been using them on occasion to watch videos with people that we visit, and I struggle with technology! I am sure you are much better :)

 You know, I've been thinking just barely that there isn't a set right way to work through our challenges and struggles. The timing way that we overcome them is different for all of us. That doesn't mean that we are doing it the wrong way, if we involve the Lord we are doing it the right way for us. Just a thought :) -Patience and Faith, good mottos! Both things that I could use some work on!
The kids are back in school....crazy, but probably good :) I am glad that you are going to get to exercise more though! My companion and I have started a 6 weeks Seeing how she is going home in 6 weeks. We planned to start our running today, but I woke up with a lovely headache, so that was postponed. I am very excited as well though!! 
That is crazy that Matt is home, and yes, people are starting to come home now. It is so so weird!!!! I realized the other night that 3 of my companions will go home in six weeks, leaving me here all alone! ;) Time is just moving on. And good thing for Chantel! She is going to be great. Who knows, maybe she will be sent here, and get to meet all the incredible people out here in Minnesota!
Yes, we have officially entered into January. The most mentally challenging month out here for the frozen chosen....this morning it was rather cold. I believe colder than 20 below. For us veterans it isn't too bad yet, but the new sisters that are living with us are finding it hard to adjust!
Hmm...It was a crazy week this past week, we were teaching a lot, and seeing lots of miracles. Shingle Creek is officially the best area in Northern Minnesota, and tied for the best in all of Minnesota ;) 
Well, I hope you all have a great week, and stay nice and warm!!
Sister Christina Trickler