Saturday, November 2, 2013

Christina asked me to set up a blog before she left--she must have wanted me to do something besides miss her and knew this would be a good challenge.  This is all new to me so feel free to give me hints. I will post letters and updates as I get them.
This is Christina's first letter home
On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 4:02 PM, Christina Trickler <> wrote:
Hello!!!! Good job, you win ;) I do have p-day's on Friday, :) I sent you a letter in the mail that you should get tomorrow or the day after. The MTC is slightly overwhelming, scratch that it's quite overwhelming, but I really love it. It is mind boggling to be surrounded by so many missionaries, I keep reminding myself that I am one of them! Haha yes, I've been lucky not to have to eat 
Too many unique foods, but I did have some quacamolie? on my salad by was exciting. The food here is pretty good, don't worry I am making sure I eat three meals a day. It's good though, I have no room to complain. The lack of movement is killing me though, we haven't had time to exersize yet, but I think we get an hour tomorrow, I can't wait. My companion and I have taken to taking laps around buildings whenever we can, it feels good just to move! I can't wait to run or do something though, not in a skirt ;) Gotta love it :) Remind me never to complain about running or swimming when I get home!  I didn't forget my raincoat, I wasn't told to bring it and will let you know if I do need it. Thank you very much for the prayers, I desperately need them! If you find the quote could you maybe send it to me? I would really appreciate it. Lets see...I love my companion, she is wonderful. She's a great example of being nice all the time. I have much to learn from her, but we are getting along marvelously well. I am struggling with actually teaching people, but that's really not much of a surprise, I struggle talking in front of people, but I am getting much better. I really think that I was a little too worried though, I have done better than I thought. Sorry, that was sort of a contradictory statement. ;) We went to the temple today which was a much needed break. It was wonderful as always, I am catching on more and more all the time. Don't worry mom, I didn't ummm..... misplace anyone's items ;) It was really good though. It's different going to the temple as a missionary, but it was very uplifting. I just went trying to feel the spirit, and didn't really worry about learning a whole lot. It was wonderful, I would highly recommend it. Oh, funny thing that happened. So in our district we have 4 of us sisters, and 5 elders. In our zone we have one other district of all elders. P.S. The zone leader went to high school with me. It's sorta crazy ;) I've seen two other girls from my high school, but no one you would know. Anyways, the other district sort of shows us what to do and such. We went to the temple, and since there aren't any other sisters in the other district, we ended up following them, almost into the men's changing room....awkward! Haha it was quite amusing, but the sisters in the temple are so very nice, and showed us just where to go. It was lovely. How's the family doing? I hope they are all doing well, my prayers are with all of you as well. The spirit is so strong here, There is so much room for growth. I was told once that there's no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone. I don't know that that is 100% true, but it is to some extent. I have learned that I really have to reach out of my comfort zone and work really hard in order to grow. It's crazy how much I have learned in the short time I have been here so far. Crazy! But I love it, it's great. I really enjoy learning doctrines of the gospel, but I struggle learning how to teach, and rely on the spirit. I'll get it though, don't worry. I have two main teachers. Brother Kendall and Brother Sumerfeldt. Brother Kendall is great, I struggle a little bit with Brother Sumerfeldt, but it's good for me to struggle, right? ;) Today we had a teacher come in for just an hour teaching us more about how to role play. He was sarcastic and funny. It was a much needed break. Those chocolates that I brought have been a life saver. They work wonders, just sayin ;) Oh I thought it might make you laugh to here that in all my frantic packing I forgot a contact case, envelopes, and stamps! Luckily they have a good bookstore. :) Sorry, this is really scattered, my brain is a little bit fried, I haven't been studying like this for a long while. It has been really neat since I have been here to receive further conformation that I am supposed to be here, that this is the right thing for me. Yesterday, I learned through some scriptures in the New Testament, that we have a sort of partnership with Christ in this work. (and this goes for member missionaries as well as full time missionaries) We need to rely on Him in order to accomplish His work, but He also rely's on us to do His work. Isn't it incredible that young, inexperienced members of the church, like me, are entrusted with such a responsibility? It amazed me, and humbles me. I have found that it's important to take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, instead of getting down or depressed. I was feeling very inadequate the other night, but I wrote down why, and have made goals to change. It is already really helping me. It's incredible, just a thought. :) Well, I love you should all write me if you have time! ;) You guys really are all great though. I rely on your strength if that makes sense. I think of you to strengthen me and bring a smile to my face when life is hard. I don't have much time today, but will have more next week, and more to talk about I'm sure. I love you and hope you have a good day. Jackie: Give mom a hug for me, and go have a dance party with Jacob if you possibly can :) Matthew: Give mom a hug, she might need it, and read the little kids a story, let them pick which one ;) Jacob: Give mom a hug, your hugs make her smile and write me an enertaining letter :) Konnor, give mom a hug, I know you love her and run outside and play for a little while :) Tessa: Give mom a hug, and write me a letter please! :) Zander: Give mom a hug, and color me a picture. :) Braxton: Give mom a hug, and smile as big as you can :) Kaycee: Give mom a big hug, and help her make some cookies (you can have Jackie and Tessa help you if you want, it's up to you.) :)

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