Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Haha okay, It's Proverbs 3:4-5 I believe, the one about Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and He shall direct thy paths. I don't know how strong I am, but I sure try. It's really all about trusting in the Savior. I have noticed that whenever I find myself struggling, I'm not having the faith and the trust I need. I am not remembering His love, and all I have been given. I know I am too, honestly, there is no way I could do this if I didn't have that knowledge. It's a sacrifice, but It is well worth it. Thank you much. And thanks so much for the package!! It made my day :) I wrote letters to all the kids, so they will be on their way. I don't have lots of time, but I'll do my best. Letters are really the best thing ever!!! And cookies are pretty great too ;)o ! Thanks for letting me know how everything is going, I really appreciate it. I'm glad you're all doing fairly well :) Fun fun. I am leaving on Wednesday, I'll plan on calling home between 4 and 5ish (am)  if that works. If not, just dear elder me so I know not to call! Thanks much :) It has been a very good week, I'm telling you, make it to Sunday then time just flies by! It's crazy to see how much I have grown. I've struggled, but that's how we grow. My companion and I have had the opportunity to teach an investigator outside of class, one of our teachers came up to us and asked us if we would do it on our own time. It was so so hard the first time because she is Methodist and really knows her bible! We  talked about grace and mercy, and the atonement with her. I came out of there feeling like I just came out of a super intense spiritual calculus test! It was wonderful though to be able to talk to her. She sent up the appointment for the last night, and this time we were able to talk to her and get to understand her personally a little bit better, not just her beliefs. Although I'm still studying grace and faith lots, it's pretty darn deep. just sayin ;) Anyways, we came away with so much love for her, it's incredible. So very interesting. Oh I've heard that exercise time is the best thing ever, yes. It is pretty much a life saver. My companion and I played Volleyball last night with the Elders. We were pretty darn awful, but it was really fun :) I laughed so hard. Oh, other funny thing, My companion and I had to do a door approach the other day to our teacher. We knocked and I said, Hi, I'm sister Trickler, what's your name? It was so awkward! So I said that, and our teacher responded with What's awkward? (still pretending to be an investigator) It was so funny, our whole class started laughing, and couldn't stop. I think we were a little worn out....Haha it was great though. Good times ;) It was really fun to see sisters who had never seen snow before see it for the first time. Ah, snow. I love it so much, just sayin. Anyways, teaching has been good, heard at times. We had one investigator who wanted to know information about our gospel, but had absolutely no interest in coming closer to Christ, or finding out if it was true. It was a really tough lesson, because what do you do at that point? Everyone has there agency. I'm learning more and more about being a good example to everyone. Someone is always watching us. It's sad when the only thing keeping people away from the gospel is the awful example of a member. Just food for thought. Oh, What are your thoughts on Faith? I'm just trying to get different perspectives. Neat thing, for the devotional this Tuesday L. Tom Perry is coming to speak! I'm really excited :) Sorry, I don't have much time to write, and this letter was all over the place again, it's crazy how fast an hour goes! Well, I love you all, and I love the gospel. Just remember to trust in the Savior, He is always there for us, we just need to let Him in. I'm so excited to start serving, i'm a little nervous yes, but like the good nervousness before a race. Thank you for all your prayers, you are in mine. Have a lovely week!! :)
Sister Christina Trickler

 And sorry, I took lots of pictures, but can't send them right now, technical error or misunderstanding ;) Soon though! oh and I forgot to tell you that I met the nicest Native American Elder. And took a picture with him. He seriously looks and acts just like an older Konnor! I got his email in case you would like to email him about his customs or anything. He lives on a reservation and is very much into his culture, and wanted to share that information with us. I just that it would be interesting. So yep, I'll get it to you next week, or maybe write it. It was really neat. :) Love it. Love you all!
Christina was able to call home this morning from the airport.  She is doing well and excited to enter the mission field.   I expect to get her new address next Monday and will post it here.

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