Monday, June 23, 2014

What a crazy week from the sounds of it.  . I hope things are truly going well....the challenge of my mission for me (among others) is to be here, not able to help. There are lessons to be learned from that though, I am sure. I sure hope things continue to improve, and that you can keep finding peace The Savior will help :) I think I've shared this quote before, but I love it. "Everyone in your life will disappoint you (except the Savior), the challenge is to find those worth suffering for. " Everyone will eventually at some moment or another leave us, except the Savior. There is a real beauty in that trial. It forces us to either turn inward and bitter towards everything and everyone, or it allows us to fully completely turn towards the Savior. It allows us to become more humble, and to trust completely in the Savior. Once we have that complete trust, the trick is to never forget it, or never allow ourselves to rely on anyone or anything more than the Savior. I think that is something I have been trying to learn most of my life...I have gotten close at sometimes, but never fully there. Someday we will be perfect ;)
Happy birthday to Braxton!!! I sure hope it's a good one...those kids are going to be so big when I get home! Crazy.  Haha tell Kaycee I will alternate nights between her room, and Jackie's room ;) I'm glad you got the letter, and glad that you got the picture! haha i'm sure it was a funny one if nothing else ;)
This week was crazy. As per usual. We have lots of people that we are working with, trying to help them the best we can. Somedays go better than others ;)
Oh, exciting news, we have a couple of baptisms this weekend, our friends Ajulu and Odonga
 are going to be baptised. They are from Sudan, then Ethiopia, recently moved to the U.S. Odonga is 17 (as of the 2th of May ;) ) And her mom is quite a bit older. They are so much fun, it has been an adventure to teach them, due to the lack of English, but it has been good. Miracles happen, somehow they have been able to learn! Well, Sorry for the short email, I hope everything is going on well at home. I pray for you all often!
Sister Christina Trickler

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