Monday, June 9, 2014

Transfers are wednesday.....and I am staying with Sister Callister here in Austin!!!! Holy Moly, I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was that I would be transfered! This means that I will be here for at least 6 months, how crazy is that? Miracles happen, i'm telling you! We have so much going on, and I was terrified that I would leave! So good :)
Anywho, Haha i'm glad that letters make Monday's good...Monday's are usually a stressful, but good day here on the mission. We have so much to do, but we manage to squeeze in a bit of fun as well ;) As my form comp. said, work hard, play even harder!
Random sidenote: With the humidity, my hair is curly enough that I just let it air dry today and didn't do anything with it! It's brilliant :)
Crazy stuff going on at home, it will keep you busy, that is for sure! And i'm with you on the whole being frustrated about being in a spiritual rut. That is probably one of the most frustrating things ever! When you feel like you really need an answer, but aren't receiving a clear one. I'll continue to pray, and send faith your way. And it's hard to do what is right for yourself, but there has to be a balance there. If you run yourself into the ground, you will be of no use to anyone. That is something that hit me pretty hard this past week. I have struggled letting my companion share much of the burden in the area right now. So much is going on, and I was doing my best just to keep things going! We were able to go on exchanges with the Sister Training leaders, one of whom I am really good friends with. She was the one who came down here to Austin with me for a day, while Sister Callister went up to Rochester. Sister Hesen (the one with me) blessed my life sooo much with that exchange! she loved me enough to tell me what I needed to do, and what I needed to change. She straight-up told me that I was wrong, which was exactly what I needed to hear! She even argued with me....which was a tad bit refreshing ;) It was good though. She said that I needed to make my companion my number one investigator. I needed to put her first, then my load would be lightened and everything would fall into place. She also told me I needed to humble myself...but that's besides the point ;) Friday afternoon, my comp. was struggling quite a bit and we were able to take some time to talk. I apologized, and have been doing my best to fix the problem ever since. Miracles have happened. Life is still crazy, but it's going better. And now we have another six weeks to get work done!! Moral of the story...I am so grateful for those people in our lives who love us enough to tell us what we need to hear regardless of whether we want to hear it or not!
In other news.....Sister Amis is leaving on July 17!!!!!!!! She has to get interviewed by someone with the state department, then she is out of here! I am so so excited for her, and excited for myself because starting July 17th I will be able to email her! :)
And...we went to Cresco, Iowa! It was life changing. Not really, but It was fun to go to another state, it was a fun little vacation ;)
Little Red Riding Hood sounds like lots of fun! We ride our bikes usually three days a week, because this girl needs some exercise in her day, or she feels like she is going to go mental! It feels so good, and so hot's fun though. I'm so glad Jackie got her dress, did she tell you the story about it? How my dear friend Jackie from Liberia gave it to me to give to her? It is authentic African dress. I'm glad she likes it. It is unique, but really a treasure. Good for Jacob, I'm sure he did a great job! And I hope that everything continues to go well this week! It's probably a good thing the kids like school, but that does make for a crazy summer! It will be over before you know it though.
I am at peace...I have work to do here, and I don't really have time to worry that much. As Sister Hesen helped me to understand, the Lord's timing is perfect. If we trust in him, somehow everything will work out as it is suppose to! I hope and pray you all have a lovely week! And have a fun fathers day!
Sister Chistina Trickler

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