Monday, July 21, 2014

This girl is going to Andover to be with Sister Nelson. Not going to lie it may not be the most thrilling news ever that I am leaving Austin, but there you have it. Thanks for the new pin number and card, it's much appreciate. Haha I am glad that you went in a walk in the rain, next step, dancing in the rain ;) It sounds like Flaming George was fun, good! I am glad that the cousins were able to come and that everyone had a good time! Haha Matthew is the stake indexing representative?! What the world is that? that's great. When we had our interview with the new mission president, he told me to take an hour sometime and work on my family history. The only problem is that we are so very busy here, that we haven't had time! Haha maybe in Andover I will. Crazy Crazy Stuff. Thanks for the address, it's appreciated. Malori! Advice...just make it until Sunday. It is hard and crazy, but Sunday you get to walk to the temple, and have a little bit of a break. After that it just flies by! Also, enjoy the MTC while it lasts, she is going English speaking, yes? It is a marvelous opportunity to really spiritually prepare before you go out into the real world, which is nothing like the MTC! And advice for missions in general, just be yourself. Everything else will eventually fall into place, just don't lose who you are! I will definitely email her :)

It is a great blessing that I have been able to have so many experiences here on the mission. It is interesting, I have been suspecting that I was going to leave Austin for the past week or so, so I have had an opportunity to reflect on what I have done well here, and what I haven't done so well. Enduring well I think is something I have learned. Some trials just don't go away, and there is nothing you can do about them, except for to endure well. It's different than just enduring, and something that I am far from perfect at. I am one who likes to solve problems and better situations, and sometimes that is just not possible! But yes, good life lessons have been learned here. I hope to keep learning them! ;)
So far I haven't heard anything about pioneer days, it is definitely a mostly Utah thing. Everyone here thinks it's strange that Utah celebrates the day it was made a state...haha I don't even know if Minnesota has such an official day! ;) I will let you know though if anything happens. Also, there are no fireworks restrictions here, so we have very large fireworks going off nearly every night. Between those and the fireflies, life is a party! Gotta love it :)
It is interesting the different challenges we face. I agree with you 100% we were foreordained to come to this earth at the time we did, and to the situations we are each in. I have thought a lot recently about how there are so few members of the church here on the earth, and that as this is the case, we are each in essence called to be leaders. So many people look up to us as members whether we realize it or not. It is a hard thing sometimes, but a blessing as well. It is a reminder to me to represent the Lord well, wherever I am going, whoever I am interacting with.
I'm glad the cucumbers are going well! That's great :) My tomatoes are really big now. I am having an intense internal dillema whether to bring them with me, or to leave them....I'll let you know what I decide, don't worry! ;)
I hope you all have a lovely week, I will let you know how all is going next week!
Sister Christina Trickler

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