Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I edited this to remove some personal stuff about her new companion.  I am hoping to get her companion's first name so I can keep sending her mail throughout her mission.  She aged out of the foster care system and has a very limited support network. Let me know if you would like her address.  Tammy

I am so glad that my letters got there, just in time for Jacob's birthday! is he 13? I sure hope so, I can't remember though! It is crazy though, time just seems to fly. I swear it was just yesterday that I was emailing last Monday. Thanks much keeping my companion in mind....she is going to absolutely love the cards! Here's my thought for a gift....the member that we live with has a sewing machine, and she said we could use it whenever we want. My comp doesn't have a ton of clothes, she has been given most of them, so they don't....work as well as they could. I thought maybe if you could send me some material, I could make her a skirt? Just a simple one like I made with Sister Amis? So, if you have time and happen to get to the store or something, her favorite color is green. 
We do service  with them once a week for 3 hours, district meeting for 3 hours, and church for 3 hours. It is usually a much needed break for me. I am discovering more of myself, and realizing once again how blessed I am. It is so weird how much I have had interaction with foster care, in my life, but more on my mission. It's super weird. Anywho.
I am so sorry you are sick, that is no bueno!!! We have had a bunch of people we are teaching get sick lately, thankfully we have both been healthy, I'm hoping for a good long period of health! It makes things so much easier ;) Also, speaking of health, I went on exchanges this week, and the girl I was with asked if I wanted to go running in the morning, I said yes, because it had been since last transfer, so we went. I was assuming it would be 2 miles or so, but no. We ran 5 miles!! In the super humid warm weather. I was so gross when I went back, but it felt so good. Unfortuantely I left my running shoes at their apartment, so I will have to wait for a week or so before I can run again!

And....thanks so much for the package and the letter!!!! I got it this past week, and it made my day :) The plums are already almost halfway gone.....haha thank you again so much!
I just sent some pictures, I hope you get them.....funny memories :) I stole Serious's shirt and wore it for our "impromptu photoshoot"!
I am so glad that you have that opportunity to serve that woman, that is super neat. It sounds like a very spiritual experience. Eternal perspective is amazing. It is such a blessing.
So....my story of the week.
On Saturday we were doing a lot of knocking. We didn't have any appointments and I am still trying to figure out the area so....yes. We drove into Coon Rapids, then got on our bikes and rode a few miles to stop by a less-active member in the humid heat. It was crazy. He wasn't home, and so we were riding back and saw a park. We were both sort of low on energy, and so we decided to take a 15 minute break to make some calls, and rehydrate. After that, we decided to knock some doors around the park. Very few people were home, and the ones that were, weren't exactly the nicest people I have ever knocked into. I was super low on patience and motivation at this point, but my companion wanted to knock one more street. I said sure, with little hope. The first door that we knocked down this street, we ended up talking to a lady for 45 minutes. She has been searching for a church, and never felt comfortable with any church that she has gone to. She said she had been praying for guidance in how she could strengthen her relationship with the Savior, and then we knocked her door! We taught her the Restoration and she agreed with everything, she practically taught half the lesson! When it came to the part where we normally invite people to be baptized, she said, she had never been baptized, but always had wanted to! She invited herself to be baptized. It was the most powerful restoration that I have ever taught, and a great miracle. It was a good lesson to me, not only to keep on going when the going gets tough, but also to listen to your companion! Even if you think she might be crazy ;) I know for sure that miracles happen! That is the theme of my mission lately. Miracles Happen. If only I could send a voice recording, you could hear how I sing it! I guess you will just have to wait though. Miracles happen and time just flies!
I hope and pray that you are all doing well at home, and the picture of Jackie and Kaycee was fantastic!! I can't believe that Kaycee is so tall! That looks like so much fun :)
Have a lovely week,
Sister Christina Trickler

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