Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jacob's talk was so great! He emailed it to me.....I can't believe that he told the whole ward that I was weird though! Oh man, I should have known that it was coming ;)!  Isn't it crazy that we probably won't have everyone in the family there for a gathering for quite a long time, with kids being gone and such? It is interesting that you talked about how good it was to hear that everyone is facing challenges. I am a very private person usually as well, but I had an interesting experience with my 2nd companion. Sister Amis. For some reason we just clicked from the get-go, and we really opened up to each other. We told each other what was going on at home, in our heads, everything, and we were able to help each other so much overcome challenges and struggles that we were facing. It was a really great blessing, and so far the best 3 months of my mission. It is so helpful to realize that you aren't the only one struggling. People may have different struggles, but we all have them. Some may seem to be tougher than others, but they are all there! I never ever ever in a million years thought I would say this, but talking to someone you completely trust can actually be kind of therapeutic!
Man, I am sorry to hear that you are still feeling sick, that is no good!! When does school start? And have you given yourself time to heal? I swear that is usually my problem, I just don't give myself time or means to get feeling better. It's a work in progress ;)
That is exciting that you are going to the temple open house! That is sure to be a really great experience. I keep hoping and praying that I can go to the temple sometime in September. I now live close enough, but my companion went just before transfers, so we have to wait until next transfer. Sometimes you just need a spiritual uplift, I think! Also, if I time it right, I can see a few of my friends from Austin! ;) And the 16th of October. Wow, that one has been a long time coming, let me know how it goes!

Thank you for the packages, they are great! We got them last week, Sister Nelson is waiting to open hers until her birthday, it is so far her one birthday present, so I hope it's good! Jk, I am sure she will absolutely love whatever is in there. She really appreciated the letter as well, she said she is going to have to write down her story sometime and send it to you! As far as how things are going on that my friend serious would say "the struggle, it's all real". But you are right, we are given trials and weaknesses for a reason, I just think that usually it is easier to see the reason when we aren't actually in the situation! Lately I have been reading over the October conference talks from last year at night. They have been really great, and have taught me a lot. I read one last night about becoming a better teacher. It said something to the affect of: what sets us apart as teachers can really come down to two words. "God Speaks". If we have a testimony of this, then we can believe that he speaks to man today and therefore we can receive revelation for those we teach. If we don't strive to receive this revelation than we don't have anything special to teach really. It was an interesting talk, but I love that. God Speaks. He speaks to us today, that is all we need to trust in! Easier said than done sometimes though!
Oh yes!!! I knew that there had to be at least one crazy or interesting story from this week!
So, on my mission I have gone to lots of Chinese buffets. For some reason elders seem to really like them, so we usually end up going to them for missionary meetings. They are alright, but not my favorite. Something about buffets just gives me the heebie-jeebies! So, we are working with a Chinese Less-active member named holly. She wanted to take us out for Sister Nelson's birthday, so Saturday we went. To a Chinese buffet. It was the most hilarious experience of my life. She is so loud, and so funny! She was telling us all these stories of crazy things that happen when she goes clubbing in Vegas. (please keep in mind that she is in her 50's!) She told us that she never ever drinks alcohol, just water. She just loves to dance, so she dances for 4 hours every night when she can! One time she was dancing and dancing (by herself of course ;) ) And all of the sudden her teeth flew out of her mouth, onto the floor!! It was hilarious to hear her tell the story in her thick Chinese accent! We had a great time, laughed way too hard, then we got in the car. She turned up the music so loud, and started dancing to it in the car!!! We said "Holly! We can't listen to this!" But she couldn't hear I just decided to dance along! It was hilarious, definitely the type of thing I would do at home. Don't worry, it only lasted for one song, then she turned off the music, and began to drive.Oh man, everyday is an adventure!!
Well, I hope you all have a lovely week, enjoy the summer while it lasts!
Sister Christina Trickler

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