Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So. This week is transfers. Sister Nelson is leaving, and I am getting a new companion here in Andover. There were lots lots lots lots lots of changes in the mission. Very few companionships stayed the same. It will be interesting. Being how it is Labor day, we also have less time to email, so just as a heads up.
Man. I can't believe it is this time already. I have learned so much from Sister Nelson. There have been very hard days, but very good ones as well. I thought for sure that we would have another transfer together. There isn't much really to say I guess.
To respond quickly:
Weather: Well....All I am going to say is that the other day we were walking around, and I noticed that their was a faint rainbow in the sky. Not because it was raining, but because of the humidity. It is quite the adventure, but I love it....I love not being cold! We have thunderstorms nearly every night, which is really fun to see. I have taken a couple of videos on my camera, so you can see all of it! I am glad to hear that the garden is doing well. We have ward members who often will give us tomatoes and such. They are delicious!!!
I am glad that things are going well in school for everyone and such, and that things are a bit calmer.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KONNOR!!!!!! I am so sorry I didn't  get a letter or something in the mail, I would say that one is coming....but things are going to be crazy today. I hope it was a good one for him though, and I am excited for him to be baptised, make sure to take pictures for me. I wish I could be there!!
I have not gotten your letter, but look forward to it!
That is a lot of converts in that branch!  Haha we do have some crazy experiences, to be honest I just block some of them out, and also forget some of them! We did have an experience when I first got here though that I wanted to mention. It was my 2nd night here, and my companion told me that we were going to a bible study, they had been once, and the people asked them to come back. We did, and it started out alright, but didn't end well. Bible bashing, just doesn't work. Anyways, we left, and I decided that I was never ever  going to attend one of those things again, it was a really negative experience. Well, on Saturday, Sister Nelson and I knocked into the house of one of the couples that was there! They invited us in, then apologized for how it all went down. It sounds like they all felt really bad, but just didn't know how to apoligize. They asked us to come stop back in sometime, so we will have to do that! Miracles do happen.
Also, Last Monday, we went and toured downtown Minneapolis. It was by far the best p-day I have had on my mission so far! We had so much fun. I have the best group of missionaries in my district (just sayin;) ) And we really had a blast. We walked through the sculpture garden, and the basilica, walked through a couple of museums, and just had a lot of fun. A lot of laughs! It is a neat experience to be serving with such outstanding missionaries. It is a neat experience! Well, for Kaycee, I would say that yes, it does sometimes feel like it is too long, but I'll be home before she knows it! I love you all, and better get going, so I can get a bunch of necessary stuff done with my comp!
Have a lovely week!!
Sister Christina Trickler

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