Monday, March 3, 2014

Once again it is that time of week, fantabulous Monday!! It is a great one, just sayin :) Thanks for your email, it's so great! And letters, and your package! I loved it, we went and played the piano yesterday for an hour (during our lunch hour at a members house, because it was fast sunday ;) ). We have the CD and listen to it everytime we are in the car, so it was so easy for me to play. I am grateful that my piano skills haven't seemed to suffer too much due to my lack of playing! It is a tender mercy of the Lord. :) I loved the pictures too!!! They made my day :) I have an awesome family, just sayin! Cute as ever ;) It really is neat though to see you guys. And the letters were so great. I will try to respond as I can! (and yes, feel free to post pictures if you want :) ) Speaking of my blog dealio, I have to say that I had totally forgotten that I had a blog up, I just write my letters! This week though, I got a letter from Chantel saying that she enjoyed reading it, that it was increasing her desire to go on a mission, and I got letters from Jamie's family saying they used one of my posts for FHE, what the?? Haha it was so funny to me to realize that people might actually be reading what I write! Don't  get me wrong, if they help anyone that's great...or even make people smile that would work. The world needs more smiles and more laughter. Life is hard, but it is so good too! I wish  everyone could know that :) But truly thanks to everyone who has written me, and has kept me in their prayers. I appreciate it more than I can express! There is no way that I am able to do this on my own, it's only through the strength of the Lord, and the prayers of others that I am able to keep doing work! It's so much fun though. That is one thing that I have learned, there are a lot of missionaries who do what they are suppose to and work hard, but never seem to really be happy. It is so important at least for me to smile and to laugh at everything (of course when it's appropriate ;) ) and to just enjoy myself. We can work harder when we play harder, and laugh the whole way! I think it is true in life as well. Enduring to the end doesn't mean finishing, but being miserable, I think it means to enjoy the journey! I had to pray for that a lot at the beginning of my mission, but I really am able to enjoy every single day! I honestly can't think of one day here in Austin where I had a miserable day. I have had rough moments often, but they are just moments. Not days or weeks! :)
Anyways, to respond to your letter....I think that is a brilliant idea to had the kids index before they use the computer of ipad (except for homework I'm assuming) It has become more apparent to me while on a mission how much time is wasted using technology! It is a blessing don't get me wrong, but it can be such a huge waste of time! Think of how much more the world could get done if they weren't wasting time online! It is also sad to me to see how a lot of people don't really know how to function in society....As in hold a conversation, or be creative without their phone or ipad. That is one thing I am going to be better at when I get home, going out and doing things instead of being on the computer or my phone if I don't have to!
I am so so so so excited to hear that you got to the temple! That is wonderful :) I really wish I could go! It is a wonderful place of peace, there is no place quite like it here on earth. Oh, random you think that we will have organs in our body when we are resurrected?? I was thinking that might be an interesting sight during the resurrection with donated organs flying through the air to find their body....haha just a thought. I am so glad that you and J and the little kids were able to watch a movie, those are some of my really good memories, watching a movie with J on my bed way too late at night, or watching one with the boys. Family time really is much as we didn't like it when it was labeled as such ;)
It was so good to hear about the family, I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well for the most part. Haha Jackie is so busy! Remindes me of when I was in high school, good but hard times! Matthew is taking physics?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? YES!!!!! That is so exciting, I love physics :) It makes me think! I'm so proud (tear wipe ;) ) I'm glad Jake and Colton are building forts and having fun, that sounds so good for him. Good for Tessa for being in the spelling bee and bearing her testimonyI bore my testimony too yesterday ;)! Haha Kaycee, what a funny girl! 5 braids, what a funny number ;) And I'm gad to hear she learned to wait to eat until after grating the cheese....that's the important part! Learned after her older sister :D Haha you will have to send a picture of Braxton! He is going to be a ladies man!
Thanks for your thought on music, it's so true. And yes, Please REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!!!!! We forget that too often in this world. I was reading in the ensign, and it was talking about how we feel the spirit in different ways. Some feel it when looking at a picture or something beautiful, some learn it when hearing music, or inspiring words, some feel it in nature, etc. I think it is so important that we figure out how we feel the spirit most, and surround ourselves with things that will help us. It mentioned how this mother did just that with all of her kids. She played good music in the house, put beautiful pictures of the Savior and temples on the walls, and took her children on hikes to be in nature. It was a good article, one that made me think about our investigators. We have a lot lot lot of progressing investigators, and it is so important to figure out how they feel the spirit! Some we read with, some we sing to, and some we look at pictures with. It's amazing when we truly learn to love them and try to help them how the Spirit can work through us and work mighty miracles! Isn't the gospel wonderful? I have far from a perfect testimony, I struggle a lot with a lot of things, but one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt is that we all have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much! He gives us little tender mercies each and every day if we can just recognize them! He wants us to return to live with Him someday. We had a super neat experience this week with our investigator Sister Maddi. She grew up catholic, but is not currently attending. She is 26 and teaches speech therapy (working with little kids). She has loved everything we taught her, and asks the best questions! She just has struggled with coming to church, because she felt such a strong attachment to her childhood church. We took a member with us teaching who is the same age as her, and she invited her out to dinner with a bunch of members in the ward, and the awesome missionaries of course ;). She decided to come, and it was so good!!!! She got to meet members, and gain some friends. After that we took her on a church tour, and talked about temples and tithing, and so many things. The spirit was so strong! Then the miracle, she came to church on Sunday and loved it! We had so many members of our ward come up and get to know her, and to help her feel comfortable! Moral of the story: miracles do happen, just have faith and patience!
Well, thanks so much for the letters and support! I appreciate it so much! I'll tell you in person in 14 months! :) have a lovely week, you all are in my prayers! I love you all soo much!!
Love, Sister Christina Trickler

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