Tuesday, March 25, 2014

 *My mother in-law thankfully pointed out that I never posted last weeks letter--it was a crazy week for me.  So here it is a week and a day late.  It was written the 10th of March

Before I say anything, I just have to say that today we found out about transfers......and I am staying in Austin with Sister Amis!!! You would not believe how relieved I am. We have not been able to sleep for the past week fearing what would happen today!! I am so so grateful that we are both staying for another transfer. We are getting spanish sisters in our area though...so that is going to be an adventure and a half. We are praying for the best.
Lucky you that the snow is all gone!! We still have multiple feet...It was rather warm for a couple of days this week, but the past few have been below freezing, so the snow has stopped melting. Gotta love crazy Minnesota weather! :) It really is an adventure though if nothing else! Oh, super exciting thing of the week...for the first time since the 2nd week I got here, we have been able to wear rain jackets instead of winter coats! Thanks so much for sending me mine, it feels good to not wear black all of the time! I do think I need to go get me some heels though...I miss those things! ;) I am so excited to send interview questions!!!
Thanks for the recipe! And Jackies dress sounds beautiful! I can't wait for pictures :) I am so excited to sew when I get home! It is going to be great :) It's good to hear that everything is going well, busy but well :)
So this week, we were having a lesson with our investigator Sister Maddi. She is so neat, she is single in her late 20's and works as a speech therapist in elementary schools..
Oh my goodness, I miss everyone at home!! I finally got around to hanging up pictures on my wall above my bed...I miss you all! Don't worry, it's a good kind of missing :) It has been funny, this week Sister Amis and I have been particularly blessed to hear so much music! We teach mostly Africans, and music is huge in their culture. They always have it playing! It really does bring the spirit though, as long as it is not dirty music. Seriously though, it has been the best. I have heard Don't you worry child, Coldplay, Matt Kearney, The Killers, etc. Tender mercies :) Also you should look up Be Still My Soul by Kari Jobe. It just might change your life!
We have a baptism coming up on Saturday, Sister Nicole. We are so excited for her :) She is from Africa, speaks french and english and is an amazing person, we love her so much! One of the miracles of the week was with Nicole. She had a car accident a few months ago that was a result of a blackout she had. She went into the hospital to get checked out, and the found out that she had a genetic brain disorder....She got on meds, and it's okay now, but for a while she wasn't able to have a job because of debilitating headaches. She has been trying to get a job for the past couple of months, and hasn't been able to find one. She applied so many places, but was about to get kicked out of her apartment, because she still didn't have a job. We told her to pray, and we prayed as well so hard. This was a few weeks after she committed to baptism. Then this week, the day before she was to get kicked out, she got a call from an employer, and got a job!! It was such a miracle, and such a testament that God truly blesses us when we put our faith and trust in Him! :) Well, I hope you all have a lovely week, and party it up in the warm weather!!! And yes, I am so excited for the womens broadcast...I get to hangout with all of my sisters at home, and here for a couple of hours! I can not wait. I will be thinking of all of you :) I love and miss you all lots.
The one and only Sister Christina Trickler :)

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