Monday, March 10, 2014

It is warming up! It is the craziest thing!! I am wearing my raincoat today instead of my winter coat. Saturday was the first day it was warm enough, and it was so exciting. We wore coats yesterday after church, but that was mainly because we weren't feeling well. :P It is exciting to see sun again though, and be able to actually feel it! :)  It is warms up to 30 degrees, and we are rejoicing! People walk around in shorts and's quite amusing. That sounds like you guys had a really fun trip, I wish I could have been there! Is there still snow on the ground? We have multiple ft. but it has started to melt, resulting in lots of puddles. It reminds me of the flooding we had Mendon last year. I was telling Sister Amis I remember that one night that Jackie and I were driving home from something, it was quite late at night and the flooding was so bad that the road going to our house was was the only one though, so we went for it. We turned up the music super loud, and drove slowly but steadily through it. Haha I remember so much water, but we made it! Good times, good memories. It's funny, here in Minnesota they can always tell if you are from Utah if you say thank you for the moisture in your prayers, because they have so much, they do not need more! I'm glad Matthew's contest went well, that sounds like great fun. Jackie got asked? By who? Would I approve? Can I send you some interview questions to ask him? That's quite exciting, I hope it goes well. What does the dress look like? I wish I could help you make it....someday ;) I already told Jackie that I am making her bridesmaids dresses when she gets married, whether she wants me to or not! I hope May day goes well for her as well....I'm sure it will be better than when I did it ;) Flowers?? I will have to admit, I am very excited for that day. Last year they had a snowstorm in May involving multiple feet of snow, so we might not see flowers for a while, but i'm sure they will come eventually. This week I have been reading about when Christ comes to the American continent in third Nephi. 3 Nephi 17 is my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon, just sayin. As I have been reading that though, I have also been studying Christ's ministry in Jerusalem after he was Resurrected. I have read lots from Jesus the Christ, and it has been very interesting. I have learned so much. I love reading that book though, because it makes it come alive for me, it adds a lot of detail that I struggle to find in the scriptures. It is interesting to see the difference in the way Christ ministers to the Nephites than to the Jews. It's quite thought provoking. p.s. Mom, why did you name me Christina? Just curious.
On Saturday of this week, we had a ward was so much fun! We had Hawaiian haystacks, and there was a dance afterwards. We were sort of nervous going into it, because we didn't really know what to expect, but it turned out to be lots of fun! Sister Amis and I even danced a little bit...don't worry, only line dances, nothing against the rules ;) It made me excited for the day I can come home and dance in the kitchen with the kids again! Oh, another sort of funny story, Friday, Sister Amis and I got up and went running because it was pretty warm. We ran a couple of miles, then got back and were cooling down and such. It was 6:58, and we were ready to go back inside. All of the sudden I realized, I didn't have the keys, and we locked the apartment! We didn't have keys or our phone or anything! Luckily one of our members told us recently about breaking into someone's house with a credit card. We didn't have a credit card, but we had a metal rake! We got in, and it only took us a few minutes! That was a funny moment.
This week we spent a couple of days up in Rochester which was crazy. It was good to get back home!  Haha and I'm glad you're friends with Sister Register. She is a gem! We eat over there multiple times a week, and study there on Sundays. She is very kind. Oh, could you either send me or her the recipe for creamed eggs? She said she would make it for us. :) Well, I hope you all have a great week, and that all goes well! You are all in my prayers.
Sister Christina Trickler 

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