Monday, April 7, 2014

It is raining, but finally there is no snow here in lovely Austin Minnesota! It's so wonderful. Hello! I can't believe another week has already passed by! This one really flew. It is crazy time out here on a mission. Crazy stuff! It is sad that there isn't a jamba here, but we have made some mighty fine smoothies lately, so don't worry. I am still getting my smoothie fix!
I absolutely loved conference! It answered some of life's deepest questions ;) No really though, I felt like I received tons of answers! We watched it at the church for three sessions and then in a members home for the last one. It was really neat to know that I was watching at the same time all of you were! It is as neat thing that we are such a united church. Elder Hollands talk was amazing. It was a wonderful way to kick off conference!! I loved his story about the missionaries as well, and how there is a cost of discipleship. I remember back in St. Cloud one day at the beginning of my mission, I was having a rough day. It was super cold, I was struggling with my companion and we kept getting rejected! I remember having the strong thought that I was going through just a tiny bit of what Christ went through. Who am I to think that I am better than Him and that I shouldn't have to go through that! I was feeling rejected and alone, but all along He was with me. I never was alone. That experience has had a huge impact on my mission. I feel privledged to be a representative of Christ and go through a tiny bit of what He went through! This life is hard, and I think the world is going to just get harder, meaning we need to stand stronger, not ever give up! I hope that everyone can here that talk, and really listen to it! I also noticed the direction to have family scripture study and prayer daily, and FHE weekly. I sometimes wish I could go back and change my participation....or lack thereof in those kinds of family things. I know now that daily scripture study and prayer can make all the difference in the world. Think how strong the youth of the church will be if they all do that! So good :) All of conference was so good, but I want to share just a couple more thoughts if that is alright. ;)
-family is so important...but past present and future
-Sometimes it is our jobs to worry, warn and weep as a disciple of Christ, what a precious job we have!!
-Christ-like love is the greatest need we have on the planet, we can help to fulfill that need.
-Stand up even if you stand alone. Stand strong. (I think this applies especially to us in our circle of LDS friends...if that makes sense)
-Eternal life is contingent upon covenants, prepare!!
-Minister grace through compassionate language
-wherever there is truth, there will be a force opposing it.
And my absolute favorite quote of conference- There are not true endings, just everlasting beginnings. AMEN to that one! My perspective is completely changed with that thought.
Oh man, conference was just so of the highlights of my mission so far! And that is saying a lot. It is really neat to have the opportunity to not worry about anything else during conference, and to really have the time to prepare for it. I am so grateful :)
I like your idea for FHE, Discussions always go a lot better then formal lessons in my opinion. Maybe you could let the kids chose topics for discussion too? I know that would have interested me. I always had questions that never seemed to be discussed in Sunday school or such places. Good luck!!
Spring break sounds like it was so much fun!! I can't wait until I can play with all of you again, it will be fun :) Haha Kaycee. She takes after her older sister for sure, we will have to go on lots of hikes once I get home!
Shopping sounds fun....what in the world is a hi lo dress? Of course Jackie would look good in everything she tries on...I swear that girl has a talent!
I have not had a chance to get a haircut yet...I cut my bangs, but haven't had the time to go get a trim. I swear time just flies by...especially on monday. We have so much to do!
Have fun at Grandma T's! It sounds like a blast...and if you by any chance happen to see Brandon, can you tell him to write me back! That goon. ;) Haha I'm excited for the package, and thanks so much for the letters that arrived this week! It is always a highlight of my week to get letters from home! Oh, and I have to say, remember my two african friends? They are super sweet. A week ago on monday we went and visited them and they braided our hair! I told Jackie that she could do whatever she wanted with my hair, and she put it in 5 french braids! Holy Cow, my head hurt so bad afterwards, and Iooked sorta funny, but it was great! I will have to send a picture sometime. Haha the life of a missionary! Oh, and I have two flowers that have sprouted! One of them is about two inches tall already! It is wonderful, I love those things :) Well, I hope all goes well this week, have a good time! I love and miss you all so much!
Sister Christina Trickler

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