Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's so great to get your email! I am looking forward to the package, that should be great :) 
 I got a card from Kaycee this week, it was probably the highlight of my week! Thank you so much Kaycee, I loved it :)
So yesterday it was lovely, 80 degrees nearly! or at least 70 ;) Then today is stormy, super windy and rainy. At least it's our p-day so we won't be out in it much! Also another funny sidenote...I was ready to go this morning, and looked in the mirror right before we prayed. I am wearing a black dress, black tights, black shoes, and a black wool coat, with a black purse. I swear, I look like I am in mourning or something! Haha just a funny sidenote about my day ;)
Oh man, it sounds like you had quite the dramatic evening! Goodness, life sounds crazy. I'm glad you were just laughing though, that is the only way to get through it I have come to realize! Oh Matthew. Haha this remindes me of that country song that says "you're going to miss this, you're going to want this back, you're going to wish these days hadn't gone by so fast! It may not seem so now, but you're going to miss this" Haha someday you might miss these crazy days! Maybe not, who knows ;)
Lilacs?! Holy Moly, I sure miss those plants! I don't know if they have them here, and I just haven't seen them yet, or if they don't grow here....the trees are all blooming though, and they look gorgeous! It was a very long winter, but spring is finally here. Everything is so green and splendid, which fact I am very grateful for! It's funny in life how sometimes you think the winters will never ever end, but eventually they do, making the springs that much more enjoyable and appreciated! Summer will go well, it will fly by I'm sure! Isn't it crazy how May is almost gone already! I'm telling you, time flys by. Somedays are super long, but as a whole, time is crazy! I liked your quote a lot, it is a very accurate one. Isn't it funny how sometimes we are so unwilling to ask for help, but we need it so bad! It seems to be a matter of humbling ourselves. Haha I'm glad you got all the letters and pictures, I realized I hadn't sent any in a while, and thought I should! Haha we had some good times, me and Sister Amis!
It has been a crazy week here in Austin, we have 5 solid people planning on being baptized in June, which is a lot. There is a lot of things to remember and to keep track of, but we're doing our best! We aren't doing very much tracting anymore, because we have so many lessons to teach, we're doing good to fit them all in! I am so grateful though to be busy, It is a miracle to see so many people come into the gospel. It blesses their lives so much. We teach so many people who don't speak english which is a very humbling situation. We are always told that we need to teach by the Spirit, but I don't think that really clicked until now. My words really don't matter. It's the Spirit that testifies to those I come into contact with that what I am saying is true. It is the Spirit that is able to soften and change hearts. Some of the most spiritual lessons I have had have been in the past couple of weeks where we can't communicate with the words that we speak, but really have to rely on the Spirit. 
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week, and that you find time to laugh, and dance a little bit ;)
I love and miss you all!
Love, Sister Christina Trickler

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