Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It is so great to hear from you :) Don't worry, I am doing a bit better than last week....if you couldn't tell by the email or lack there of, it was a hard one on me! But life is good once again. (more on that later)
SKYPE!!!! In less than a week!!! I am more than excited, just sayin!! We are going to be able to skype Sunday afternoon, I will be on at 4:20 if that works, for 40 minutes. :)
This week. Thanks so much for the prayers, they were appreciated. It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission, but one of the most amazing at the same time. There is a scripture that you should read and think about. Lamentations 1:14. It describes my situation perfectly. I was placed into a situation that I could not deal with on my own, and so in essence I was forced to turn to the Lord. And holy moly, the Atonement is real. Okay, let me just tell you the story. So....Sister Amis was my best friend. Like it was crazy rediculous how close we were. We had so much fun, and got work done. We found out a week and a half before she actually left that she was leaving up to the cities. We weren't suppose to know, but due to some interesting choices of our leaders, we found out. I knew she was leaving and I was leading out Austin. It was a hard week, this sounds cheesy, but we seriously felt like our hearts were breaking! I am not a crier, and I cried a river I swear. Gajeebies. Anywho, she left, one of the hardest goodbyes ever. And I got my new companion. Sister Callister is really great, it was still hard for me though. Wednesday we  got to our apartment just in time for dinner. I didn't feel like eating ( big surprise ;)) so, I didn't. I was feeling quite overwhelmed, and finally went into the bathroom, knelt on the floor and just talked to Heaveny Father. I told Him that I couldn't do this. That was...hurting for lack of a better word. I didn't have the strength to be completely in charge of an area, and to get work done without my best friend. It was a very heartfelt prayer...and Heavenly Father Healed me. I don't know how it worked, but it did. I got up, and while I still miss Sister Amis, it is doable. I received some revelation on why Sister Callister needs to be here right now, and why I need to have her as my companion. It was an amazing experience for me. All that we are asked to do, is to turn to the Savior and ask for help. He will heal us. Can I repeat, He will heal us, of whatever we may be struggling with. Holy Moly. The church is true, the book is blue, and moroni is always on the ball!! I am so excited right now, just telling you about all this. We are truly given trials to strengthen us!
Back to your email ;) If you just happen to have some dried plums hanging around the house...I never would turn them down. ;) And you're sure my buddy can't fit in a box?!?
I am so glad you were able to go running! I haven't in over a week, Sister Amis and I weren't sleeping before she left, and now i'm still catching up! but this week, we will go, that's for sure! And running in the rain is nice, not as good as dancing, but hey, we do what we can! :) Christmas music: yes please! And Canning, I actually miss it! I asked Sister Register if she canned, and she said she does  a lot in the fall...so hopefully (fingers crossed) I will be able to help her with some of it! That would make my day, no joke.
I'm glad the boys are working...do they have a mission fund? It might be a good idea to start one of those...It is possible to earn it all the summer before you leave, but that can lead to long hours!
May day! Haha oh my goodnes...I just have to tell you, Sister Amis and I may or may have not done some pole dancing just in honor of the day! (don't worry, it was completely missionary approved ;) ) Gotta love it. I'm so glad that Jackie had a better experience than I did, and i'm sure she looked mighty fine in her dress! Takes after her older sister, what can I say! ;) She will have to show me her prom dress if she has it on Sunday, good luck with that! Go lace up if possible, just sayin :)
3 hour long meeting?! Good luck with that one! I hope it goes well. I would highly advise a lemonade...that has been my beverage of choice lately! Either that or apple juice :)
Good for you, keep playing the piano! I had a funny conversation with Sister Register yesterday about the piano, and how when the millenium comes we won't really need to talk. I said I hope we can still sing! And she said yes, and play trumpets....but the piano probably won't be there! This lead to a fun discussion about the physics of pianos vs. trumpets and how all of the pictures just have trumpets! Don't worry, i'm still finding time to be silly, and have....discussions with people!
The book of Jude sounds fasinating. I'll have to spend some time in it this week. I have been reading in exodus, and it is so interesting. It's amazing how our questions can be answered through unrelated passages of scripture. This morning I read about Moses, and how he needed Aaron to speak for him. Isn't it amazing that Moses was humble enough to know that he needed help, and that he was able to rely on Aaron? And it is always good to remember that our leaders aren't perfect. They are men called of God, and they are doing well, but they aren't perfect! Speaking of the who, think about why the commandment to be perfect was given. It's a thought provoking subject.
And...drumroll please....Story of the week! Aww yeah. So pretty much, we have super neat investigator that I don't know if i've told you about. His name is Doug. He is in a little town leroy which is about 50 minutes away from Austin. He came there for a fresh start. He was an atheist, but really wanted to learn more about Christ, so he began coming to church with his friend out in Leroy. We met him 4 weeks ago I believe, and he asked if we could meet. Of course were said yes, and we have been meeting with him twice ever since. His faith is incredible. He reads everything we ask him to, and more! He tells us that he doesn't understand lots of what we teach him, but he has a feeling that he can't deny, that it is true! The Holy Ghost is real. He has wanted to stop smoking for a while, and we talked about the word of wisdom a week and a day ago. He said he would prepare himself, and start on sunday. Well, the roads were too bad for him to drive into church on sunday so we didn't get to see him until Saturday. Due to transfers and all that jazz. We got there, sat down and he looked at me and said "well, I've quit smoking" I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor! I was so excited. I can't even explain it! He stopped on thursday, and only has had one cigarette since then! (and that was on Thursday night I believe). How amazing!!!!!! Holy Moly, I was amazed, and thrilled. It was such a spiritual experience. Did I  mention that the Atonement is real, and that it heals us. It gives us strength that we do not have on our own. It is the means by which we change and come better. It is personal, and for each of us. The Savior is standing with his hand outstretched, all we need to do is to reach up and grab it. We all need Him, and His Atonement for something in our lives right now. So lets use it.
I love you all so much! And miss you. I hope and pray all is going well, please let me know if there is anything I can do. :)
Have a lovely week, see you in 6 days!
Sister Christina Trickler
p.s. I absolutly love that scripture, thanks so so much! :)
And don't forget to smile :)

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