Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello!! Thanks for the email, and letters that arrived this week, they were so great!
Speaking of that....I have a story.
Salamander Saga, part 2:
So....Halloween night, we get home, and I sort of crashed. WE did planning and everything, and got ready for bed. It was 10:28, time for prayers, and then bed time!! My knees have been giving me a lot of grief lately, so I am in the habit of taking my pillow off my bed, and kneeling on it. I went to grab my pillow, and noticed that there was a branch or something at the end corner of my pillow (inside the pillow case) I started to reach my hand in there, then had the thought that I probably shouldn't reach in there. I didn't pay that thought any attention...fatal mistake number 1!! I reached in, and pulled out a stiff crunch....SALAMANDER!!!! IT WAS IN MY PILLOW! GROSS!! IT was about 3 or 4 inches long, and stiff as a stick. I quickly, oh so kindly asked my companion if she had put it there, and she nearly fainted. (did I mention that she doesn't like the little creatures? I threw it away (sorry Matthew, no fancy burial) and after completely un making my bed, and making it again, went to sleep. The new morning, I pulled the pillow out of the case and saw that in the process of grabbing the salamander, it lost a claw and it's tail. So, I had to dispose of those as well. It was slightly scarring, not going to lie!
Salamander Saga, part 3:
Saturday night, we got the letters from the family. Sister Huang was reading hers, and saw the tail of the Salamander that Jake drew! She screamed and threw it across the couch. I think I almost died laughing. Good work Jacob! 
Also, I am really surprised that the members we live with haven't said anything about the noise....that is just what happens when you have unexpected visitors!
I am glad to hear that you got to go to the temple, I believe that I am going to be able to go this thursday!!!!!!!!! I am more than excited. It has been a long time. Nearly a year to be precise. 
The weather has changed, winter has hit. We haven't had any snow, but it has been down in the 20's a couple of evenings. I have to admit, I am ready for heavy snow to hit though, then I can wear my winter boots, and be warm again! :) Haha this morning I was thinking, that I really timed it well. I got here just in time for last winter to hit, and will be leaving just as winter ends this year! Crazy stuff.
I am glad that you got the pictures, we had some fun. Sister Huang had never been trick-or-treating, so we might have been convinced to go as chaperones to a couple houses with some girls. Oh man, it was brisk, let me tell you! And we have a plethora of's rediculous. Now that it is light in the morning again though, we can run again! Nearly everynight when we come home we see multiple forms of wildlife by our house, so we didn't exactly want to run in the pitch darkness! 
Good thought, I like that one a lot. This week we had a member of the quorum of the 70 visit our mission. In preparation for that, we were asked to prepare a talk on becoming a concecrated missionary. I decided that for me to be a concecrated missionary means to be trying our very best. We can bee concecrated every day. It doesn't mean that we are perfect by any means, just that we know who we are serving and we are striving to do what He wants us to do all the time. Just becoming a little better each day. I think that is the way it is in life. We are not expected to be perfect all at once, we are just expected to give it our all, and keep that perspective. Remember the Lord, and what he has asked us to do. Were you able to watch the movie meet the mormons? In there a man says "I am not perfect, but I am perfect in one thing, I am perfect in trying" That is all that the Lord expects of us!
I hope that you all have a great week, and are able to stay warm!!

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