Monday, October 27, 2014

 How is it going in good old Mendon? Haha yes, this week I am going to hit my year mark. Rather strange. It is really interesting to see what has changed in the past year. I have had some great experiences, and learned a lot! But don't worry, I am still the same crazy Sister Trickler! I still love to wear my pencil skirt and heels, and crazy dance at the most random times :) Haha funny story about grey hair, Sister Amis, my second companion was convinced that I had grey hair. We would be walking down the street and she would stop me, pull out a hair, then try to convince me that I was going gray! I still think she is crazy, but that's alright ;) Speaking of hair, it is getting so long!!!! Crazy!
We had a really cool miracle last night. I was having a really rough night, it was bad. 8:00 came around, and we decided to stop by a less-active family on our way home. We had stopped by multiple times before....probably 5-10, with no answer. Yesterday though, a sister answered! She was very kind, and we talked for a little while outside, then another sister came out with a little girl on her hip. She was a 2 year old little Hispanic girl, that looked just like Kaycee. Oh my goodness, she was so cute!! My poor companion was left to talk to the sisters, while I played with that little girl for the next 45 minutes! I had curled my hair, and it was down (and rather long) So I kept shaking my hair so that it would go all crazy! She would laugh and then do it herself! It was such a simple thing, but something that brought a much needed smile to my face. It reminded me that God is mindful of each of us, and gives us little tender mercies just when we need them. Sometimes all we need is a smile, it can make a world of difference!! 
Anywho, I am glad that your relief society activity went well. You know, that remindes me of the scripture....where much is given much is required. There is so much that we can do! Sometimes we get caught up in our world. The things that we need to do and such, there is so much that can be done if we just look outside of ourselves! It is good to be engaged in a good work! 
Oh man, I miss all the kids at home! I am glad to hear that they are doing well though, that is great.
What is the name of the new family that moved in? Is he an institute teacher at USU? That is neat though. I took an institute class on the parables of Jesus Christ, and one of my favorite parts was each week when we would write what were called personal parables, stories from our own lives that we could learn from. It is neat to see how many lessons we can learn in our own lives! Oh speaking of scriptures, We are teaching a family that wanted a "study bible" version of the Book of Mormon. I remembered the one that we got and use to read out of when I was younger. I mentioned it to them, and they bought it, they got it in the mail Friday! I am excited for them to be able to learn more about the Book of Mormon. 
I am glad that Sister Nelson wrote you, she mentioned that she got your package, and was so excited...good work! It is sort of crazy out of all my past companions she is the one I see most often. I see her nearly every other week, I haven't seen my other ones more than once since I have been with them.
Man, crazy house with all the teens! That is great though. Jackie said that she had a lot of fun, so good work :) Haha Kaycee is so funny, that definitely is the way that she works. You know, I'm not too different in that regard....
We are enjoying fall, lots of raking this past week. We have quite a few meetings this week, so we will see how it all goes. I have decided though that I am doing good, I haven't had to break out the coat, or the boots yet :) gloves yes, but that is alright! 
Well, I hope that you all have a great week!
also, I have probably listened to this 5 times today already, it is fantastic. Definitely worth a watch! Maybe I am just dying for good music or something.....haha no, it is really good!

Sister Christina Trickler
Also p.s. since my companion is from Taiwan, and it is rather expensive to send mail, she doesn't recieve any. If the kids wanted to draw her a picture, or write her a letter, she would greatly appreciate it! Thanks :)

holy Moly!!!! I forgot the best part of our week!!!!!
So. Wednesday night. We get home at 9:15ish, and were planning. I was really tired, really I was half asleep leaning against the couch attempting to plan the day. Needless to say it was being rather unproductive. All of the sudden my companion jumps up out of her seat and screams! Please keep in mind that we are in the basement of a member. Still half asleep, I looked up, and she is pointing at the floor. Running across our floor is a 4-5 inch long Salamander!!!! Haha it ran under my purse, and was just sitting there. I got a container, and helped it find its home...outside! Oh man, it was probably one of the best experience of my mission up to this point! My Asian companion screaming after seeing a salamander. Then I teased her the rest of the night, that it was going to make it's way into her bed...haha I am the worst companion ;) She started talking about snakes though, and I shut my mouth pretty darn quickly!!
Anywho, miracles happen!

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