Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hello!! Haha my companion was actually the one who wrote the message....we thought it would be best to inform you guys just in case! Yesterday we had our Christmas Conference. Missionaries from two stakes came together (over 60 of us) and we listened to our mission president and his wife, and......wait for it.....watched a movie! An actual movie that normal people watch ;) It was called A Wonderful life. Apparently it is a Christmas classic, but I had never seen it before. My companion and I realized that we had been out here for a really long time though. The world tends to desensitize you, the mission does the opposite! Haha oh China.
We also had the opportunity to go to the Minnesota Mormon Chorale Concert on Sunday evening. It was so great!! I was really impressed. They played lots of Christmas music, but they were really good. I've decided that if I ever come back here to live, I would love to play in the orchestra! And they are looking for more Violin Players...just sayin ;)  
I have been receiving my "envelopes" Thanks! They are so great, and I really appreciate the recipe! If we had time today I would probably make some bread! Besides the fact that we literally have a table full of cookies and treats.....I am so glad that you were able to go out on splits of sorts with the Sister, that is great! I am sure that she had a great time! And I'm glad that you both got to dance. It brings joy to the soul! Oh...Speaking of...we had another super great thing happen this week. We were invited to learn an African dance with the Young Women, and perform it at the ward party on Saturday evening! It was so much fun. We got to dress up in our Lapa's and headwraps, and sing and dance! I think someone got a video of it, I'll have to let you see it sometime. Oh goodness, way too much fun! I can not believe Christmas is going to be here so soon....so much to do so little time! Yes I got the box, but don't worry I haven't opened it yet! Yesterday I was able to see Sister Huang and talk to her for a while, she got her package as well....but opened it! She loves the ring, I send her thanks! 
Yes, I will let you know about a time. We should know by next Monday, but if something changes I will have a member text you....they are really good at doing that for us! I am glad that your lesson went well, it is good to have the opportunity to teach. Even teaching the same lessons that I have taught all my mission, I still manage to learn new things, recieve new impressions. I have stayed surprisingly healthy, knock on wood! I don't remember if I told you this or not, but Sister Huang was a huge believer in drinking hot water in the winter (I think it is an asian thing). I thought it was crazy, and didn't taste good, but I tried it a couple of times...and I am converted! I really struggle to keep myself warm, but I think drinking hot water is helping a lot, keeping me healthy longer :)
 How blessed we are that our God is a God of miracles though. I have seen people truly change drasticaly through the Atonement of our Savior. I know that change is possible. We all are children of a King.We all have potential to become great, to do great things with the Lord's help. No one is beyond the reach of His love. 
This week I had the opportunity to give a talk on the Restoration, specifically the first vision. As I was thinking about what to say, my thoughts kept coming back to a certain theme. That is that Prayers are Answered. That is one of the greatest lessons that I have learned from the first vision. God loves us, and he answers our prayers. Even with Joseph Smith, his prayer wasn't answered in the way he expected, but it was answered. God speaks to man today, this is one of the great truths that seperates our church from any other on this earth. God is our father, he loves us enough to answer our prayers. He knows our concerns, and fears. He know our doubts and worries, but he also knows what we need. He knows what mountains we need to climb in order to become strong. In order to become who he knows that we can become. He gives us the trials and struggles we need, but he never leaves us alone. Even in our darkest hour, when we feel like we have been abandoned by all, He is there. He is the light that we need to see just one more step into the dark, and another step, until the path is illuminated before us. Hope. That is what the gospel brings. Hope for change, hope for peace, hope for a better day. And the best part, is that change is real. We can recieve peace in our lives, a better day will come. All as we rely on the Savior. As we truly appreciate the gift that the Father has given us this Christmas season. :) #sharethegift. Oh man....I can't believe that I just used a hashtag, what is this world coming to!
Anywho, thanks for taking care of my dog, he needs attention;) ANd I hope that you all have a lovely week! And enjoy the snow ;)
Sister Christina Trickler!

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