Monday, December 22, 2014

We have a mini p-day today, just enough time to do our laundry, email briefly, and shop, which is good....we are out of water! ;) Good to hear that everything is going relatively well at home, that is crazy to me that the kids have school until Christmas Eve! But I suppose it doesn't feel much like Christmas without snow. I woke up this morning, and looked out the window. Much to my surprise, we didn't have any snow either! It has been raining pretty constantly for a while so it is all melted. I'm telling you, this is so different from the weather last year at this time. I am not complaining though! :) Haha Christmas will be fun, I am glad that the kids are getting excited for it! And that is good that you were able to get in contact with the little one's extended family. I am sure that is good for them...  
That is good that you are able to see more kindness and such during the christmas season. We are definitely fed more during this time of year, we hardly have to buy food we have so many left-overs! Which reminds me, this week our apartment got sick. For one of the days that I was stuck inside, I made bannannanna bread! We have a neighboor downstairs that doesn't appreciate all the noise we make, so I was going to make it and give it to her for Christmas with a little card or something. Well.....our oven is special. I finally figured it out though, got it cooked through and everything, then I pulled it out of the pan to cool, and a chunk of bread stayed stuck to the bottom of the pan! It was rather distraught, but it still was really delicious :) Unfortunatly I used the last of the chocolate chips, so the lady downstairs has not gotten any bread yet. Soon though ;) In other news, this week we watched frozen for the first time. It was so strange....not the movie, the movie was great, but the fact that we were watching it on the mission. I have heard little girls sing the songs so much, that I felt like I knew them already!
 Good spiritual thought. I sure wish that I could make every decision correctly. I suppose life would just be too easy then ;) As for Daniel, that is a great book :) You know,  a lot of times I think that it is much easier to defend my beliefs here on the mission than at home. I am out here talking to people that I don't know, who I don't have to see again if I don't want to. It's much harder to stand up to friends or family whose opinion you value. I always have found it harder to stand-up to my companion than to stand up to the world outside our door. It reminds me of the talk by Elder Holland, The Cost of Discipleship. We are all called to be disciples every day, wherever we may be. What crazy but wonderful days we live in today! 
Well, we were told not to write too much, or else we won't have anything to talk about when we talk to family on Thursday! is alright!;) . And why does everyone think that talking to me is so awkward? I just don't understand?! Haha Jackie said the same thing....skyping is just so awkward. Oh man, just wait until I'm an awkward RM. Then we really will be in trouble! Haha have a great few days until I see you all!!
Sister Christina Trickler

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