Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello! It's good to hear from you again! I can't believe another week is over already! It has been a really crazy one, but good one....so it has just flown by! Oh, and we just got transfer news. Sister Pead and I are still staying here in Shingle Creek, meaning that I will be the one to send her home in six weeks! Craziness. Also, before I respond to your letter....there was a tragedy in the Shingle Creek Apartment this past week. Approximately 7 years ago...maybe longer, I went shopping one day to good old Old Navy. There I found a lovely black cardigan which I have been wearing quite frequently since that day! It has lasted me through a lot, a couple of family pictures, multiple embarrassing moments, really long talks in church, -50 degree weather, you name it. Fast forward to about two months ago. We were having a missionary meeting in Andover, and I was writing something on the chalk board. One of the Elders pointed out that I had chalk on my elbow. I looked, and unfortunately it was not chalk. My sweater had become rather threadbare.....and you could nearly see my white shirt through my black cardigan. And then this past week. I put on my favorite black cardigan, and sat down to study. After personal study, my lovely companion pointed out that I had a hole in my elbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a rather traumatic experience. Unfortunately I have already fixed that cardigan 3 times, I don't think it would hold up going under the knife one more time. We may have a funeral later this week if time permits, I will let you know how that goes. ;)
Anyways, that is the drama of the week.
11:00 is a great time for church, we just switched to 1:00, which is not my favorite personally, but it is fantastic as a missionary because it allows us to have time to get people to church. This week we were able to teach a lesson, have a meeting and stop by 4 or 5 friends, all before church! It was great :) Good luck with the ipad.....I have been using them on occasion to watch videos with people that we visit, and I struggle with technology! I am sure you are much better :)

 You know, I've been thinking just barely that there isn't a set right way to work through our challenges and struggles. The timing way that we overcome them is different for all of us. That doesn't mean that we are doing it the wrong way, if we involve the Lord we are doing it the right way for us. Just a thought :) -Patience and Faith, good mottos! Both things that I could use some work on!
The kids are back in school....crazy, but probably good :) I am glad that you are going to get to exercise more though! My companion and I have started a 6 weeks to.....fit. Seeing how she is going home in 6 weeks. We planned to start our running today, but I woke up with a lovely headache, so that was postponed. I am very excited as well though!! 
That is crazy that Matt is home, and yes, people are starting to come home now. It is so so weird!!!! I realized the other night that 3 of my companions will go home in six weeks, leaving me here all alone! ;) Time is just moving on. And good thing for Chantel! She is going to be great. Who knows, maybe she will be sent here, and get to meet all the incredible people out here in Minnesota!
Yes, we have officially entered into January. The most mentally challenging month out here for the frozen chosen....this morning it was rather cold. I believe colder than 20 below. For us veterans it isn't too bad yet, but the new sisters that are living with us are finding it hard to adjust!
Hmm...It was a crazy week this past week, we were teaching a lot, and seeing lots of miracles. Shingle Creek is officially the best area in Northern Minnesota, and tied for the best in all of Minnesota ;) 
Well, I hope you all have a great week, and stay nice and warm!!
Sister Christina Trickler

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