Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello! It's good to hear from you! Man, it sounds like it has been a medical week for our family! On this end, I managed to mash my finger in the door! Don't worry, it wasn't near as bad as when you damaged your finger a couple of years ago, but I definitely have more empathy for what you went through!! Luckily it isn't bad enough that I had to go to the doctor or anything, I just have some beautiful bruising ;) 
Anyways, back to your letter....yes we will be together for the next 5 weeks. It does have some interesting challenges. I think dad said it best....we are a very dynamic companionship. We are both very dynamic individuals, and sometimes that is very good, and sometimes very.....interesting ;) It is good though, I think that I am learning lessons that I haven't had to learn with any of my other companions! And don't worry about finding me a of the sisters in our apartment who just got transferred, left a navy blue one that I have claimed. It is a little big, but will last me until I can come find one of my own!
I am sorry that you had a migraine, those are the worst! Yes, I am with you, I swear we are given things like that to keep us humble. After all, we can't be doing too good ;) And good for you to let the kids invite friends over. It is so important for kids to be able to be social, I will vouch for that one! It is funny, I think one of the hardest skills for a lot of missionaries to develop is social skills! It is hard to talk to people who you have never met before, of all backgrounds, ages, and attitudes! Also, I have a theory....people who are more social ( we're talking face to face communication here) are more happy. So...try to make another friend! Except you mom, I think you have your plate full as it is ;) 
I like your quote of the week. Related to that, I learned once again how hard it is for me to rely on other people....With my finger struggling, I had to ask for help with the simplest things sometimes. I couldn't do my hair a couple of days, I even had to ask for help opening my water bottle. Oh China!!! Those who I asked were  for the most part very willing to help me, it was just sort of hard to ask. I think that sometimes we have a similar relationship with our Heavenly Father. He is always there, and he wants to help us, we just need to ask Him! When we put Him first and really listen to him, everything does fall into place, or out of our lives. I know that sometimes I tend to put my doubts and concerns first....rather backwards when I think of it! Oh man, good luck to Brennan! He is going to do great, I am sure :)  In spite of all the struggles that we may encounter, the mission is really an incredible experience, looking back, i've learned so much....and I still have a while left! :)
A couple of days ago, me and my companion had an interesting conversation. We were talking about being happy and such....sort of a random conversation, then it turned to the gospel. We were talking about how people who have never heard of the gospel learn about it, then they are so much happier than they were before. They didn't usually know that they were missing something, but once they have the gospel they realized how much happier they are! If they lose sight of the gospel either before or after baptism, they lose that happiness once again. Moral of the story, don't hesitate to share some of the happiness you have with others....they probably don't even realize what they are missing. If nothing else, I know that coming closer to our Savior Jesus Christ gives us happiness, and peace! It is a great thing, let's share it :) 
Thank you so much for the letters this week, they were greatly appreciated!! Haha I really loved my green hair in Kaycee's picture ;) 
Have a wonderful week, I love you all....and miss you!!!
Sister Christina Trickler
Expect Miracles :)

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