Monday, January 26, 2015

 **letter from last week, sometimes I am a bit slow :)
Haha did you not get the email last monday saying that we wouldn't be emailing on Monday this week? We had interviews with president yesterday, so p-day was moved today. Don't worry...I passed! It wasn't even the worst one I have had out here ;) Winter has been so so weird, I almost don't feel okay with it, then I remember frost bite, and rejoice in the mild winter! The past week we have only worn our heavy coats once! Isn't that crazy?! Granted we are inside lots more than last winter, but still! Sunday was a beautiful day! Sunshine, mid 30's...we may have done a dance with our friends that we picked up for church. Don't worry, they are teenage girls! On that note, the oldest one who is 18 gave Sister Pead and I some profound advice this week! She just got asked out by a boy. We had to know all the details of course, and she said "He's a good boy, no sag (AKA: he knows how to use a belt), no alcohol, no smoking." Later Sis. Pead and I decided to add two things to that list of things that make up a classy boy. No checking out Sister Missionaries, and clean language! There you go, profound life advice from two sisters, and our friend! 
I'm glad my dog's being taken care of! Hair cuts are good, I got one this past week, and she got rid of a few inches of dead. I'm excited to chop it again soon! My finger is good, it has healed quite a bit, thank heavens! I played the piano quite a few times this past week, it was good to make my mind think, and my fingers stretch so I didn't have to use that finger! I have not gotten your letter, hopefully today? And Hello to Brother Phillips too! I was thinking the other day, isn't Hannah home? Crazy stuffs!
I am glad that Brennen's farewell went well, the best of luck to him! He is  going to do great I'm sure. And that is crazy that the Newey's are moving!
 Oh ice fishing,  fun fun! Not going to lie, I am very excited to come back here in the winter and go to any city park and ice skate in the winter! It is going to be delightful :)
I don't need any vitamins, though don't worry, I am taking them! If you could send me some Mascara though, I would greatly appreciate them....lately I look like a zombie with out makeup due to the lack of sleep, so yes. :) Haha Sister Pead and I have the best Valentines day ever planned.....two baptisms!!!!!!! We are super excited for the sisters that have decided on that day for baptism. They are two awesome teenage sisters from Sierra Leone. We are going to have that, and maybe go get some ice cream...according to Sister Pead, Ben and Jerry are the only two men we need in our lives!
This week we had a neat experience. We went to visit a less-active sister who we haven't seen in over a month due to some health problems, and our schedule getting crazy. Last time we saw her, she was very nice, but not comfortable talking about religion or anthing with us. This time, we walked in and could immediately see a difference in her. We began talking, and she brought up the topic of prayer. She told us how she has been praying a lot lately, and how that has made her so much happier. We realized that is what the change was that we saw in her. She was coming closer to the Savior, and realizing all that He does for us. It is amazing the the simple things like reading the scriptures and praying sincerely can make us so much happier! And Heavenly Father does want us to be happy, afterall "Men are that they might have joy" That is the purpose of our existence, to have true joy. :) 
Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!
Sister Christina Trickler.
p.s. check out the new music on It is super great!!

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