Tuesday, February 10, 2015

*if this is more "choppy" than usual it is because I cut out some personal stuff.  She is doing great though!

Holy Moly, it does sound like a hectic week for you! I feel the same way, this week was crazy, busy, and I can't believe that it is Monday already!!
I am glad that dad is doing okay, that is crazy! I hope you get a nap sometime today to compensate for the lack of sleep.
. You know, this remindes me...I had a friend this week email me talking about the song " Where can I turn for Peace". What a great song. It is one reading through again. For truly the Savior is the only one who can give us the peace we are searching for. He loves us and wants us to be happy and feel peace, we just need to turn to Him. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way perfect in this aspect, it is something that I need to do a lot better at, but it is a truth. That I know. The Savior, the Atonement changes lives. It has and continues to change mine.
Good for Matthew, I am glad he made it! What good lessons learned. It is like me swimming freshman year....I am quite sure I didn't win a race, but learned a lot. We were talking about Ezra Taft Benson this morning, one of the common themes of lessons learned in his life definitely is the value of hard work. Smart, but hard work is a crucial skill to learn! Haha and I'm glad I was able to prepare you for his teenage emotions! ;) Speaking on that note....I have learned that a lack of sleep greatly contributes to rollercoaster emotions! My companion and I haven't slept well for the past 4 days, and we have been all over the place! Gratefully not very grumpy or anything.....just crazy, then dead. Haha gotta love it!
I love the reminder of the worth of one soul. That is something that was talked about last night at a meeting we had the opportunity of attending. The one soul. Whether that be our own soul, or someone else, is so important. God loves us all, and wants us to come unto Him. Also, thanks for the comment about David, and the battles that the Lord fights for us. I have been on an old testament kick lately, and have come to the same conclusion. The Lord wants to fight our battles for us, but He always knows what is best for us, and will give us that thing....even if it is a trial (in the case of the Israelites it was often bondage) or a challenge. He also gives us the Tender Mercies that help us along though. On Saturday we were having a rough day, purely due to the lack of sleep and craziness that has been happening. We went to visit a sweet old sister who we see pretty consistantly. She had a huge box of jewlery that we was given for her grandaughters. We started to organize it for her, and she fell asleep! We were able to organize and just recover for an hour. (Don't worry....we chalked it up to service ;) ) It was a great blessing to us though! The rest of the night, and Sunday was much more productive! 
Speaking of Sunday, and another Blessing. I was asked to play the piano as a musical number about a month ago. The week before, I smashed my finger....so we postponed it until yesterday. I didn't have time to practice more than run through it a few times on Saturday, and my finger still isn't 100%, but by some miracle I was able to play O divine Redeemer yesterday. It wasn't quite perfect, but good enough that I don't think anyone noticed. The Lord blesses us!
Haha Zumba class, yes please! I have been often told by my current companion, that I can't dance. I just have long flailing limbs. I am afraid we have the same problem...but it is so fun! I just follow the saying "Dance like no one's watching!" It makes you feel good :) And hey, don't worry about wearing running shorts, I'm sure you rock them! ;) Haha that sounds like a lot of fun!
Have a great week! I hope all goes well for everyone!!
Sister Christina Trickler
-don't worry, we are being safe! :)

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