Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh man, what a crazy week it has been for this girl!! Monday was full of last minute errands to get Sister Pead ready, and Tuesday we sent her off. It was definitely a hard one! Man, that girl is one heck of a missionary....and I guess a normal person now. ;) We had sort of a rocky start, but she is definitely one of my best friends! Holy China, we had way too much fun. :) Miracles were everywhere! I spent Tuesday with the STL's in Med. Lake, then Wednesday came. Because I was getting a new missionary as my companion, I had to be at the mission home early for a meeting, then Sister Kirkman (one of my good friends serving in the area next to mine) and I worked for a few hours before coming back to meet our new companions! Talk about nerve wracking! We made it though, and (drumrole) I met Sister Dumas! She is a great missionary already! She is from S. California, so she has never seen this much snow in her life....or had to scrape off a car before! Haha it has been lots of fun. She is adjusting to missionary life well. I got rather sick Friday and Saturday, so we keep joking that she is the one who has to take care of me!! In that regard, I am pretty sure I got food poisoning, and then a bad cold combination. Basically my body is just starting to give out after 16 months! Haha gotta love it. :) Anyways, that was my crazy week! P-day feels great :)
To respond to your letter: Haha don't feel bad for me in the cold. Strangely enough, I think I am turning into a true Minnesotan! The cold is not bothering me much at all! Much different from last year ;) Granted it was only 35 below yesterday....still 30 degrees warmer than last year! We haven't had much moisture here either....we don't have to worry about it a ton seeing how we live in the land of 10,000 lakes, but I sure hope that the snow that you need comes! And Amen to what you said regarding a division in the church. It is not enough just to be a member, to come on Sundays and go through the motions. In order to survive in this crazy world, we need to be truly Converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is absolutely crucial. Sometimes that means that we need to stand up for what we know to be true, even if that means standing up to other members or friends. I read a wonderful talk this morning about the Book of Mormon by President Benson. It was talking about how we will be held accountable at the last day for how we treated the Book of Mormon. For how we studied and used it. Man, that Book sure changed my life, and continues to do so! I know that it can make a difference in the life of anyone who seriously studies it, and tries their best to live by the principles taught in it! I loved that you mentioned finishing the Book of Mormon! You are right, that has been a long work in progress, but it has been so worth it. And sorry that I definitely didn't have a great attitude about reading it. Do you remember that time that you and dad said we only had to read a short chapter if I could talk about that chapter for 10 minutes? Haha good times. In case you can't remember, I talked about if for the full 10 ;) It is such a worthwhile effort though! And the Lord does bless us, and our homes!! I have seen it over and over again :)
Holy Moly, it sounds like everyone has lots going on! I'm glad that dad got his stiches out....hopefully he can wait for a while before going back to the hospital ;) And I hope Jackie has fun! keep her out of trouble ;) Haha oh Matthew. He would fit in so well up in Northern Minnesota! Good that the kids are doing relatively well..... Miracles happen. Oh man, that would be so neat to go on a trip to deliver the kits. Remind me, where are they going again? Just wait until I get home and take me, okay? :)
Yeah, I swear everyone is going home! Both here in the mission, and friends at home. I can't believe how fast time has gone! Craziness. 

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