Monday, February 16, 2015

It's good to hear from you all. So.......transfers. I am staying here in Shingle Creek, and I have a new sister coming here. She is brand new, so I won't know who she is until wednesday until I pick her up. Tuesday I will drop off Sister Pead, and then pick-up my companion on wed. What a crazy week this is going to be!! Holy Moly.
Yes it is a cold one here. I think it got up to 6 degrees this morning, and the snow is coming down! Haha a nice welcome to my new companion. I am quite jealous of the warmth....Sister Pead keeps reminding me that it is going to be a 80 degree temperature difference! I'm counting my blessings though that it is substantially warmer than last year! I can't believe that it is warm enough to do yard work around there! Crazy crazy. Enjoy it for me though.
Holy Moly, that is a substantial project! That's a lot of packets, I'm glad that you were able get them all done. And glad that school is going well for everyone. My companion laughed when I told her that Kaycee is just like me, then she agreed that I am still like that sometimes! Haha it is good to have a strong personality though. My companion and I have talked a lot lately about this. There are a lot of people that we see both missionaries and others who base their opinions and even their personalities off who they are with. It is rather unhealthy....and annoying sometimes! We all know Kaycee and I will never have that problem!
That is good Brennan is doing well in the MTC. That's a good place, though quite different then being out in the field! Haha How long does he have in the MTC?
Last Monday we had an interesting opportunity. We wanted to go to downtown Minneapolis so that Sister Pead could get souvenirs for her family, and so I could go to my 2nd favorite sandwich shop. It is only about 20 minutes away from where we live, but because of area boundaries and such, we couldn't drive ourselves there. There is a bus system though that stops right by our house that we decided to take. We took bus #5 to downtown, went shopping, and had lunch, then came back home. We saw a lot of unique people and interesting situations on that bus ride, making me more grateful than ever that I have the gospel in my life! We are really a lot happier when we are able to rely on Jesus Christ, when we trust that He knows best and that He is in control of our lives. This doesn't mean that trials won't come, far from it. It means that they will come, and instead of bringing us down, they will teach us crucial lessons we need to learn in this life.
Speaking of the who....have you gotten my trunky papers yet? AKA papers detailing my flight plan? I was talking to my mtc companion yesterday, and she said that she was going home in April instead of May. As far as I know I am still set for May, but I thought I better check and find out for sure! If I am going home in May you probably haven't heard anything yet. They usually send out the information two months or so before. We were able to go to a fireside in Bloomington yesterday, so we saw a lot of old missionary friends! I saw Sister Amis, Callister, Nelson, and a few other people that I've come to know really well. It is crazy that three of my companions are going home wednesday. It has come way tooooo soon!!! Anyways, It will all work out I'm sure. At least I will be able to hear from them soon.
In other news, this week we were able to go to the temple. It was a great experience as always. I love being able to go and leave my worries and concerns at the door. To go and feel the spirit so strongly for a few hours! I would highly recommend going as often as you can. It is such a blessing to have so many temples so close to us. Truly one of the greatest blessings of living at this time on the earth! It is great :) Other than that, we were busy getting Sister Pead ready to go home!
Oh! One more thing that was rather exciting!!!!! On Saturday we had the opportunity to see the Gilmers get baptised!!! It was a wonderful experience. I was able to see the Andover ward, and be there for their baptism. It is super neat :)
Well, I would love some pictures, and I will still be here. Thank you for wishing me luck, I might need it!!!!

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