Monday, March 9, 2015

 This picture was sent from a Sister Arrington, a Senior couple missionary.  They were having a zone service lunch activity.  It is nice to see an Aggie presence in Minnesota !
It is great to hear from you all! And don't worry about the scattered email, mine will probably be scattered to. I have lots on my mind! I am glad you were able to be with great-grandma though...I am sure that she appreciates it. (grandma too!) 
Exciting news of the day, for the first time since September, I am not wearing tights, leggings or socks!!!!! 35 degrees, it is a heat wave :)
Haha yeah, I did get my ears pierced 3 weeks ago today. It is something that I was considering fr a long time, and finally was convinced by Sister Pead, and a certain sister at church who was wearing pearls really well. I decided that I wanted  a pair of pearls...haha have to start small ;) I have really liked them so far....I've been pleasantly surprised. What can I say, Minnesota winters drive us to do crazy things! Also, that is so so great that Missy is coming to the greatest mission on earth! If she needs any dress tips..just let me know! A pair of nice boots as well as a winter pair of boots is crucial, just saying. And don't go for a big bag....a purse works just great for everyday use. Holy Cow, Jacob can't be old enough to go on a mission....and Jackie definitely isn't old enough to go to college! Good for both of them though! They will have a blast. :) Also, registration is super soon for school....I'm starting to get nervous! Oh china. Oh really quick, back to the earrings, I will switch them out 3 weeks before I come if you want to send a pair I wouldn't be opposed, if not it's not a big deal to wait until I'm done.
Haha Jackie looks good in that dress!!!!! Looks like it was made by an excellent seamstress! ;) Done, I will go into fashion design! What seam did you have to add?
I am glad you were able to be in the temple Wednesday, it was great. And wonderful miracle of the week.....Sister Huang was in the session with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! It definitely made my week. :) Possibly my month! I love that girl so much, she is one heck of a missionary! She might come home with me, which would be loads of fun. Otherwise it will just be me and two other sisters. I guess we'll see what happens.
"Life is a marathon, keep on running" AMEN!!! Haha gotta love those quotes that you find in the most unlikely of places. Haha Matthew is quite the baker? Good for him, and I am with you there. Lately I am finding it harder and harder to eat food that I have not prepared. You just never know quite what you are going to find! 
Good for Jackie, making a skirt for Kaycee, that's a lot of fun! I actually thought of that this morning. How I will need to do some sewing sometime! Haha and just tell Kaycee that we are down to less than 65 days. (at least according to Tori, I'm not keeping track!)
Miracle of the week: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!!!!!! Holy China, I absolutely love the extra hour of daylight in the evening....the sun doesn't go down until after 7:00. It is the greatest thing ever. Yesterday evening our appointments fell through, so we decided to stop-by one of our less active sisters that we weren't able to see on Saturday. We did so, and not only was she there and wanting to visit, but her 19 year old niece was there as well. She is a member of the church, but just moved back here from Texas, and works Sundays so we hadn't met her before. She is great though!! Miracles Happen.
If you have any advice on school, that would be super helpful...other than that, I think I am doing well. I hope you all have a great one!
Sister Christina Trickler

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