Monday, March 23, 2015

*  Usually I edit out a lot of the personal stuff but sometimes we need perspective.  Last week was tough as we attended a burial service, had a child need stitches, and Jackie got her wisdom teeth out--among other things.  It sounds like Christina had a rough week as well.  It makes us appreciate the easier ones.

Hello! It is great to hear from you on this snowy monday. Last night Sister Dumas had the experience of shoveling snow for the first time! Haha it was great. :) Admittedly though, the stubborn part of me refuses to wear tights or leggings anymore. I have my coat, then a short skirt and bare legs....I hope it warms up again soon! :)
I definitely can relate to what you said about needing some room sometimes! Holy Moly, this week was one of those! Sister Dumas was sick, and down for nearly four days. This means that lucky Sister Trickler got a lot of studying in this week! I never thought I would need human interaction this bad, haha who knew?! I did learn a lot of super great things though....more on that later. 
That does sound like an interesting burial. I am glad it went well though. I was wondering, why was she buried there? Also were some of her other kids able to make it to the funeral a few weeks ago? I am glad that you all made it home safe and sane ;) 
Oh man, stiches again? Haha I hope he continues to do well! It sounds like Jackie has had a rough time....she emailed me, the poor girl! I had it so lucky. I swear I took some advil, had a jamba or two, and was back on my feet. I wish I could send some soup or a smoothie for her....I am afraid it wouldn't make it through the mail system though.
And Brooklyn got burned pretty bad? What was she trying to melt? That is awful. This year seems to be the year of injury so far! Maybe we are all just getting it out of the way so we can enjoy summer....that's my new theory :)
Speaking of Brooklyn, one of my favorite friends at church is about 4 and has a personality similar to Kaycee and Brooklyn- but red hair like Brooklyn. Oh man, she was telling me everything she knew yesterday at church. Did you know that we have skeletons, but our skeletons don't have eyes, only skin? Haha we went to leave and she grabbed my foot, and wouldn't let go. It was super funny, and definitely reminded me of home. Sometimes you are just so loved! ;)
It sounds like good things are happening at home, I can't believe that it is warm enough to be working in the yard! Playing in the sprinklers? In march, that is just not natural!! I am just happy that it is out of the negatives here, we can take a little snow. :)
That is interesting that all of Stake Conference was about temples. It reminds me of the thought that we have to prepare ourselves for temples. The early saints sacrificed so much to be able to have and attend temples, like you said the least we can do is to pay our tithing. Sacrifice truly brings blessings! (and obedience ;) ) On that note, I am so so so excited for women's conference coming up!!!!!! Oh man, the best time of year. :) These next few weeks are great ones out in the mission field. We get to see conference, listen to the Lamb of God, and celebrate Easter! There is no better time of year to testify of the Savior, that He lives!! I was thinking this week about Easter last year. I don't remember if I told you this story or not... Last year Sister Amis and I were serving together in Austin. We had a great build-up to Easter. I remember talking to Sister Register about the reality of our Savior, that He truly does live today. He loves us, the Atonement is real and it can apply to everyone! Either a few days before or after Easter....possibly that day, we were walking down the street in downtown Austin, Minnesota. We ran into a guy and began to talk to him. He did not believe in God or Jesus Christ, but was nice to talk to. I remembering testifying to him that He does have a Father who loves Him, and a Savior who lives. He could give us all sorts of evidence proving us wrong, but we knew without a doubt. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my mission. As we witnessed of Christ, the Spirit was so strong. We could not deny what we knew.
I am excited to see what miracles this Easter brings. :)
On a different note, my release date is May 13th. You should be getting travel information soon....
Back to missionary life ;) I had a really neat experience yesterday. So....not going to lie, this hasn't been the easiest week on the mission for me. Various events contributed to this, but by the time yesterday came, I was struggling. We went to church, and none of our investigators were able to come. It was just getting better and better, you know? And of course Satan loves to feed our doubts and insecurities, it was rediculous. Anyways, we were sitting in class and I had the clear thought that I needed to ask a certain member in the ward if he would give me a blessing. Now, for anyone out there who doesn't know me well...asking for blessings is something that I do not do easily. Usually I get the prompting, ignore it, it comes again and eventually I listen. ( I think it might have something to do with the whole I don't want any help thing....) Well, I could clearly recognize that I needed help at this moment, so I swallowed my pride and asked the brother if he could give me a blessing after church ended. He did, and my day was changed. Not only did I feel peace and love from my Father in Heaven, but I received some guidance and counsel that I desperately need right now. Questions that I had never vocally asked were answered. I know that it is truly a blessing to have the Priesthood power on the Earth today. God loves us and he hears our prayers. He will answer, it just may not be in exactly the way or time that we want. As Elder Wirthlin said "Sunday will come" After the darkest Friday in the history of the world, a glorious sunday came. A Sunday on which the Savior of the World rose. Sunday will come. :) 
I love you all lots, and hope that you have a great week!
Sister Christina Trickler
p.s. mom....i have a couple of requests if possible. Could you send me my backpack (if it can be found) and a spare watch if either you or Jackie have one that you could loan me for a month and a half? Mine is missing....and I really don't want to buy one at this point. Thanks much, you are the greatest! :)

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