Monday, December 2, 2013

So sorry about last week. We had a scheduling conflict with the elders, then we couldn't use the church building because there was a teenage boy cleaning, basically it was a whole big mess, and so we had 5 minutes to email. But today I have a bit longer, don't worry! :) Wow, it has been a crazy week! It's so crazy to see time fly by, but drag on at the same time. The days feel like years sometimes, but the weeks go super fast. It's crazy stuff ;) I'm just so happy to be able to write! It is quite wonderful :) I thought of the twins yesterday, their cakes sound fun :) I hope it was a great birthday for them! I can't believe they're already 5! It seems like just yesterday that they were just learning to walk, and talk. It's crazy :) And yes, pictures would be absolutely wonderful! And could you send the family pictures please? Oh and I'm so sorry....I'll take some pictures this week and send them next week for sure...I just forget to bring my camera!   I have learned more and more just how important we (god's children) are to Him. I was pondering the other night about agency. And how hard that must be for Heavenly Father to send us to earth knowing that so many of His children would make bad awful choices and not return to Him. It made me think that we must have so much potential. Potential that we can not even fathom, that He would send us here knowing there was a chance we wouldn't return to Him. I know that we do have crazy potential, and that we truly can become something far more than we could ever imagine here on Earth. It really truly makes me sad to see people making wrong decisions, or being so hard hearted because I wish they could see the potential they have. That they are really sons and daughters of God. It just hit me that everyone is so so important. Anyways, that was my random thought for the week. It helped me change my perspective a little bit, and be more excited to find people. That is an interesting sacrament meeting! Sounds really neat, you'll have to let me know if you research more about it and find anything else out! I love those meetings that you really get something out of it. I've learned that if you want to, and really try to that you can always get something out of church. I have learned to love church so much! Partially because we are in out of the cold for 3 hours, and the beautiful music ;) But also because it's truly a time for me to regenerate. To get ready for the crazy week! It's just great :) You know, I have been thinking a lot about how much potential the YW program has. It really changes lifes. I wish that I would have been better about trying to change my situation, not just giving up in yw if that makes sense. I think I could have strengthened the girls around me, as well as myself. It's a good lesson to learn though going forward. That even if I struggle with leaders or whatnot, that I can still contribute and do good in my own way. To not let that get in the way of doing what is right, and uplifting people. And yes, the world is getting so bad. It's awful. I think it is so important that we do the simple things like praying and reading scriptures to help us be strengthened every day. It makes me so sad to see all the awful things happening. And yes, I too know who will win the war, but it is a war. It is hard, and sad. I have come to a very firm belief that the only way we will be happy and find peace is through the Atonement. Through striving to do better every day and coming unto Christ. He is the only one who will truly be able to be with us always. I had an interesting thing I learned about the Atonement and repentance the other day. I always looked as repentance as sort of a negative thing that we did only when we made mistakes. I was wrong though. Repentance is something to be used each day not only when we make mistakes, but when we don't live up to our potential, which we usually don't. It is a way of turning to our Heavenly Father and saying, you know, I'm not very strong in this area, and i'm going to really strive to do better. Then asking for His help. I know that as we do this every day we will become much better people. We will be strengthened and guided. My companion and I talked this morning about how if we are not moving forward, we are inevitably falling behind. It is so true. I love that we can change everyday and become better. That it doesn't all happen at once, but just a little bit each day. It makes it do able :) Isn't it the perfect plan? ;) It really is though. :) That is great to hear about your running! And I am a believer in exercise each morning as well! We go running 3 times a week and oh my goodness, it is so cold! It hasn't dropped below zero yet, but it will soon. It is freezing! But It's the best feeling in the world to come in after a run and get warm, and eat some oatmeal and just feel good for a few minutes :) It definitely helps me focus and just feel better. And I think that even just doing a little bit helps. We don't have much time, but just the 20 minutes we have running is wonderful :) Plus, it's a good way to work out frustrations you may have, just sayin ;)  It really is so good to hear from you guys and to be able to respond. Your letters give me strength through out the week. Be strong in your faith, and I know all things are possible! I love you much, give hugs to everyone for me....except maybe Matthew...haha just kidding, just let Jackie chase him around for a hug, they could use some exercise ;) Anyways, have a great week!
Sister Christina Trickler
p.s. if you happen to have some spare time, you should read the end of the book of Alma where it talks about Moroni. He was amazing. Just sayin ;)

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