Monday, December 16, 2013

It's so good to hear from you! Thanks for giving the updates on all the kids, it's great to hear what they're up to! And great to hear about you :) It sounds like everyone is pretty darn busy! When do the kids get off school? Haha how come i'm not getting 100 pictures a week from Kaycee? ;) It's so crazy how fast they are growing up, goodness. And Jackie, dates, what the?? I guess it just shows how different our personalities are! I really hope she's enjoying life though. And there is going to be plenty of time for everyone to write me letters once school gets out, right? I sure hope so at least! I have to tell you, Jacob sent me the funniest letter with that package! It was great referencing megamind sometimes ;) Oh good times. I'm finally sending some pictures! Only a few, but it'll have to do. The first one is from Saturday night when we had been out tracting for two hours....we were freezing! you can't see the two pair of leggings, three pairs of socks, three long sleeve shirts, two scarves, two pairs of gloves, and some awesome boots! Haha we came in and there was ice on our scarves because we had been breathing through them. It's great fun. Would you let two crazy girls who looked like that into your house? Haha I sure hope you would! :) The next one is of our investigator who was just baptized! She was baptized by our ward mission leader who is great! It was a really wonderful day, it's so neat to see how much happier she is now that she has the gospel. It has been a privelege to be able to teach her. The last picture is from the MTC, I thought you might enjoy it...apparently I missed the whole smile memo...haha gotta love it! Sister McCullough is standing next to me, she was my companion, she was an amazing person I loved being her companion. :) It was great. I'm so excited to skype on Christmas! We aren't quite sure what time yet though. We were planning on having Christmas with a family in our ward, but their son was rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery on a tumor in his stomach yesterday, so we're not quite sure what the plans will be yet. I would assume sometime in the afternoon we will be able to access a computer, hopefully! Make sure you're on though, and know how to work it :) It will be quite grand :) Oh, today we found out about transfers, and Sister Hartley and I will be together for the next transfer here in St. Cloud, which is quite a relief! I was nervous I would have to pack up all of my stuff already! It'll be good. Well, I'll have Christmas stuff in the mail today, and thanks so much for the packages!! I was so very excited when I saw the piano music, i'm going to play some in just a few minutes! Thanks very much. I love and miss you all, have a great week. :)
Sister Christina Trickler

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