Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey! We only have a little bit of time again because things are all crazy with the holidays. It is very cold again, we had a drop of 50 degrees within 2 days, so it's been crazy. I have to explain about the frostbite so that you don't worry....when it is below 25 degrees below freezing if you have any exposed skin for more than 30 seconds you can get frostbite. We had a meeting a couple of weeks ago when it was approx. 30 degrees below and walking in from the car I forgot to put on gloves. So I got frostbite on my finger. It really isn't as bad as it sounds though, it acts and looks just like a burn like I would get when making bannannnanna bread ;) So it really isn't that bad, don't worry. I have been trying my best to always keep covered though, it's super cold. Yesterday I was wearing 4 pairs of leggings for the first time. I've learned that I don't really have to worry about gaining weight, but gaining mass because of all the layers I wear! It's sorta crazy, but you learn to love it haha. What's the weather like at home? I'm sorta jealous that you get to run every morning though! When it's 10 below and really windy, it's just not safe for us to be running outside. The mission president is really good about telling us when we need to stay inside though, and when we can't tract.  It's interesting that you would mention the 2nd coming. That was something the mission president talked about this week, and I have been hearing a lot. The time certainly is coming. It's crazy. The world is getting more and more awful everyday. Sister hartely and I were thinking about it, and it's sort of like we are searching for needles in a haystack...except that these needles are made of gold and are of infinite value to our heavenly father. It's hard sometimes because no one wants to listen, but I know that it is worth it! That we can find people, and that we will :) Thanks for all the presents, they are wonderful! I will have to send pictures sometime! We have pday on wed. so I'll try to take some pictures then! I can't wait for the letters, that sounds wonderful! I'm glad all is going well. Just think, only one more Christmas, then I'll be able to be there for the parties! Haha it'll be good. I'm glad to hear the cousins are over, that must be lots of fun! Haha they sent me a great package :) I am glad as well that the days are getting longer. Winter lasts until May here, so maybe by the time I talk to you guys again it will be above zero! Haha the worst of it should be jan. and feb. then it will be good :) Anyways, one last thought before I go. As a mission we started to read the Book of Mormon on Christmas eve. We are supposed to read 6 pages a day, and it has been really neat. I've taken so many notes in the margins, and marked it up really well so far. I have been able to use a new copy of the Book of Mormon (like one that we hand out to investigators) And that has been a really good experience, I would highly recommend it! Sorry I don't have time, hopefully next week will be better! Have a great week, I love and pray for you all!
Sister Christina Trickler
p.s. could I get dad's email address?

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