Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hello! It's great to hear from you, as per usual :) We only have a little bit to write today because our pday was switched to Christmas. We are going to a family in our ward, and will be able to Skype around 1! So make sure you know what your skype id is because we will just use the members account, and add you as one of their contacts if that's alright! We will call home and get the name and get it all connected, then be able to skype for 40 minutes. So i'll plan on calling your cell phone, then yep. It'll be good! :) I hope you guys are all excited! This week we have done lots of finding, and teaching members. It's good, sort of cold yes though! I think I'll let you keep grandma's sweater, but I will definitely let you know if I change my mind ;) Could you send me my fleece jacket though? I need something that I can wear under my coat and take of at member's houses without ruining my hair ;) Oh random sidenote, it is so much faster to curl my hair, so I do that all the time now! And thanks for the packages, I'm so excited to open them! I'll have to send you a picture of our tree next week, it's pretty great. We are hoping to be able to go caroling tomorrow night, so that should be lots of fun! I hope all is going well at home :) Crazy to hear about the gay marriage stuff. Could you keep me updated on how that goes? It is a sad world we live in. Thanks so much for the encouraging letter. It's hard sometimes to get rejected everyday all the time in the cold. It really is quite sad that people are too hard hearted to hear the good news of the gospel. It changes people's lifes for the better if they let it. We do the best we can though! I got a letter from Lexi this week (which was fantastic :) ) in it she mentioned how exciting it is to be a soldier at the forefront of God's army. I've been thinking about that lately, and how true it is! It's very true for me being a missionary, but I think that each and every one of us are soldiers in God's army. The lines are being drawn, we have to pick which side we are on! With the world becoming more and more wicked, we have to stand up for that which is right. Let's become the most valiant and brave soldiers we can be! Let's be the ones who are thinking clearly, and giving our all. With the Savior on our side I know we will win the battle, it's just a matter of becoming the best soldier we can be. The best part is that we're not alone! Sometimes I forget that there are so many other people out there fighting for what is right! Everyone at home, and missionaries all over the world are striving to do the best, to bring hope and cheer to a dreary world! We can do it. Just sayin :) I love you all very much and can't wait to talk to you on wednesday! :) Oh and thanks so much for the eggnog, that was a brilliant idea! Have a lovely Christmas :)
Sister Christina Trickler

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