Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I wasn't going to post this one, but I know it is important to see the tough side of life as well.  I know Christina does her best to stay positive in her letters but I am sure it is quite the challenge and she is stretched each and every day.  That is why it is so important to support and pray for our missionaries.

And, watch this!!! It is so good :)

On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 11:31 AM, Christina Trickler <christina.trickler@myldsmail.net> wrote:
I realized that sounds pretty down, life is really going well, don't stress about me! Life is good!! :)
Love you all lots!

Today is a depressing day. First off it's cloudy, second off Sister Dumas is still sick (this is beginning her 5th week of sickness), and third off, worse, transfers happened. NO BUENO!!!!!! Sister Dumas is being transferred and I am getting a new companion. We knew it might be coming though, because president called and talked to us last weekend. He said that since my MTC companion is going home in two days, he needed a missionary that knew sign language. Unfortunately Sis. Dumas was one of the few in the mission that knows it. So she is leaving me. I guess I should just learn to expect the unexpected, not much seems to go as planned! Haha I guess that is the way it is in life though. Sister Dumas is going to do great though wherever she goes. We always joke that she is the one training me not the other way around! Send a few extra prayers this way this week though, I think we could both use them.
This week was full of ups and downs, I can't believe it is over already. The highlight of the week would definitely be going to see the Lamb of God concert with one of our investigators. For those of you not familiar with the Lamb of God, it is a religious oratorio written by Rob Gardner covering the last week of Jesus Christ's life. It is an incredible piece of music! I have the music on my flash drive so I have listened to it lots through out the course of my mission, but it was much better live! The spirit was super strong, and it was a welcome relaxing event.
Well, Sorry it's short this week, not much to say at the moment.
I hope you have a great one, enjoy Moab!
I love you all lots!
Sister Christina Trickler

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