Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What a glorious p-day it is today! Yesterday was warm but super windy, yesterday evening we had a fantastic thunder storm! Seriously, I absolutely love the storms here. :) After we had a great evening teaching, and running through the storm, we came home and planned quick. I changed into pajamas, grabbed my blanket and a chair, and sat on the porch for nearly an hour. Just sitting, feeling the rain on my toes, listening to the thunder and pondering about life. It was so great! If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it! Anyways back to today. We woke up to not a cloud in the sky. We recently found out that there is a park right behind our apartment complex, so we ran there, played frisbee and worked out for a half hour. The birds were singing, the sun just rising, there is no greater way to start off your day! I had the best study this morning as well. I opened the window and studied in the sun-gotta get my vitamin d! Anyways, I read a couple of chapters in 3 Nephi this morning. I was reading about the time when Jesus blesses His apostles before He leaves. He asks them what they want Him to do for them after he goes unto the Father. As we know, most of them say that they want to "Speedily come unto thee in thy kingdom." But there are those three that want to stay here on the earth. In essence they want to be eternal missionaries. This is something that I always knew, but today it was the verses after those that hit me. The ones where the Savior says that their joy will be full as they serve Him in missionary work. I can add a second witness to that. As you are able to serve the Lord, give everything completely to Him for 18 months, or 2 years, you are able to receive a fullness of joy! A joy that at least I didn't realize was possible! I have been doing a lot of pondering lately on the past while....what I have done with the time I've been given, what opportuinities and what trials I have had. I am not going to lie and say that it has always been easy, or that I have been positive and super excited to knock doors everyday....but I can say that I have had so much joy. As Sister Stott said "The downs outnumber the ups, but the ups far outweigh the downs." Anyways, moral of the story....if I could just be an eternal missionary like the three nephites, I would be happy! ;) Haha I am sure there are great adventures up ahead, but life just doesn't seem to get better than when you are a missionary in the beautiful Minnesota spring! 
Now to respond to your email ;)
That story was so neat!! What a miracle! Heavenly Father definitely wanted you to teach that lesson. Those are the kind of things that we as missionaries pray for. It is sometimes a little nerve-wracking bringing an investigator to church for the first time. You never know what lesson is going to be taught, or what comments will be made....but Heavenly Father knows. He knows exactly what each and every one of His children needs in order to come closer unto Christ. It is super cool that you were living your life in such a way that you could listen to and understand the spirit, even when super sick. And like you said, the Lord makes everything possible, even when we can't understand how it is going to be possible. 1 Nephi 3:7. :)
Speaking in church, sigh. Lets do the 17th. Might as well speak while I'm still a little bit in the missionary mindset....giving talks has seemed to be much easier on my mission, maybe it will stick with me for a few days. ;)
 Mayday, hahaha.....I can't think about that holiday seriously anymore. Such a special experience I had. ;) I'm glad you two are busy, you'll have to send me pictures.....and have fun! Haha oh china, oh china. I hope that you get feeling better, it sounds like quite the sickness that you have. No good!
I'm trying to think.....nothing really crazy has happened this week. We biked a ton, enjoying the sun....met some awesome new people....and just did the things that missionaries do! Wait, I remember. So. I have a dear friend named Sister Parke. We served in the same zone for nearly 8 months, and the same district for three of those. We got super close. Well, she was transferred and became a Sister Training Leader for the Minneapolis zone. Lucky for us we live with Hermanas who are part of the Minneapolis zone. On Wednesday they went on exchanges meaning that Sister Parke got to come spend the night and next morning at our apartment. Holy Moly, we had way too much fun! We dragged all of our mattresses into the living room and had a sleep over! I haven't stayed up talking to a sister like that in.....a while. ;) I am so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed us to meet out here, she's one that has changed me for the better, and one who I am definitely going to be best friends with off the mission! Saying goodbye to her the next day knowing that we wouldn't see each other for 9 months was definitely a really rough experiences. I keep thinking that goodbyes will get easier, but they never do. Good think we know that goodbyes are just temporary! So that was the highlight of my week. :)
I hope that you all are doing great, I love you all lots! Have a wonderful week.
Sister Christina Trickler

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