Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello! It is so great to hear from you, glad to hear that everything is going well! First off, yes, I did get my "trunky packet" this past week, talking about all that lovely stuff regarding going home. I need to figure out what to do about my bike. They will ship it home for me for 65$, or I can just donate it to the mission. I think I am going to have them ship it home. Let me know if you have an opinion otherwise. Other than that, I'm pretty set to see you all on the 13th. Holy china. Oh last thing relating to that before I go on, I have been thinking, and there doesn't seem to be much of a point skyping in 3 weeks just before I see you all in person, so I think I am going to skip that, unless you really want to talk to me for some reason. Thoughts?
Holy Moly, Taylor is home already? wow. I will have to write her, see what she's up to! Haha I can't believe that you brought home bees, and that you refer to them as your children! Oh man, that sounds like quite the adventure though. :) Wish Jacob good luck on speaking for me, I haven't received an email from him yet, so I guess he's not going to be able to just copy what I say like last time!
That is crazy weather, though stuff like that is normal here in spring! Haha Saturday it was over 70 degrees, sunday was cold, and today is in the 30's. Hopefully we can see the sun again before next week. But we too need moisture, so we can't complain!
This week we had a really neat experience. In july before I got here, Sister Robertson was baptized. Ever since I got here in November, we have been working with both her and her husband. After teaching them both for over 3 months, Brother Robertson told us one day in our lesson that he wanted to be baptized! It was so exciting! We got the elders in there, and Saturday he was baptized. It was really neat for both of them, for their family to be united in the gospel, and for them to be able to set a goal for when to go to the temple. This gospel really is meant to strengthen and uplift families. Families of any kind. Regardless of the number of family members, how many are members, or where they are...It will strengthen the family. And heaven knows that we need the family to be strengthened in this day and age. It's straight-up crazy out there. Relating to that story, Saturday morning we ended studies early and biked over to stop-by one of the part-member families in our ward. We have really struggled to get in with them due to the mom's crazy work schedule. Miracles happen though, and we got in with them! We were able to teach the 9 year old daughter, and 12 year old son who are not members. They both really want to be baptized, and the son asked us when he could start to pass the sacrament! It was such a miracle. I am grateful for the blessing that I have right now of being able to participate in this great work in Brooklyn Center, MN! 
Anyways...back to your letter. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well, busy but good! Haha and that is hilarious that the duck egg exploded on you and dad. Typical 13 year old boys for you!
I liked that thought about preparing lessons and talks. I have definitely noticed that my lessons and talks go much better when I just write outlines, and don't read a script word for word. We never seem to have time to do all that preparation anyways on the mission, so I guess I don't have that much choice ;) When is your lesson in May, and what is it on?
Also, that is so true about scripture study. I have had to start thinking about goals that I am going to have when I get home, and scripture study is one that has really stuck out to me. It is not just enough for me to take 10 minutes at night to read the scriptures before I fall asleep. I need far more than that! Heaven knows that I need guidance from on high, and studying the scriptures is one of the best ways that I receive it. 
We had the opportunity to go to a fireside last night next to the mission home. A few recent converts shared their conversion stories and testimonies, then the two members of our mission presidency shared some thoughts. The theme of the night was the Book of Mormon. Just read it and pray about it. Don't take my word for it, don't take your friends word for it, just read it and ask if it is true! If it is not then you can go on your merry way, but if it is, it can change your live. I love that. All we are asked to do is to invite. Invite people to read and pray. We don't need to give them huge sermons, or tons of evidence. Just a simple invitation.
I am confused at what you are asking me about a musical number? 
Well, I hope you all have a great week, remember to see the miracles all around you!
Sister Christina Trickler

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